Ruling on knowledge

Ruling on knowledge

There are many Quranic verses and hadiths that urged the science, as in the Almighty saying: (Say: Are those who know and those who do not know only those who remember the hearts are equal) [Al-Zumar 9] is indicative of the importance of science, so we will mention in this article some of the wisdom and sayings in science:
• “Whoever takes the wisdom of a bridle, the people take it as imam” (Hippocrates)

• The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “Seeking knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim.”

• God Almighty said: “God witnessed that there is no god but He and the angels, and they are the ones who are aware of the rule of God: No, but God!”

• God Almighty said: “May God raise those who believe from you and those who have given knowledge a degree” [Al-Mujadila: 11]

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever desires God with good will understand it in religion.”

• The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “He who follows a path in which he seeks a science that God has facilitated for him a way to heaven .”

• “Geniuses are meteors that have to be burned to illuminate their ages.” (Napoleon)

• Imam Muslim - may God have mercy on him - narrated: "Knowledge shall not be attained with the rest of the body."

• Abu Yusef, a student of Abu Hanifa, said, "Whoever thinks that he does not learn should cry for himself."

Aldala said about the flag:
Money may collect a person and then deprive him ... of a little, and he will be humiliated and warfare
 Knowledge is a treasure, an asset that has no mortality ... Yes, the companionship, if it is accompanied by companions 

• The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Do not sit with every scientist except to a scientist who invites you from five to five: from suspicion to certainty and from hypocrisy to sincerity and from desire to asceticism and from arrogance to humility and from enmity to advice.”

Shafei :
Knowledge is implanted with pride, so be proud ... and beware that you miss the pride of that implant so perhaps one day if you attended a assembly ... you were the president and the pride of that council

I saw science with a generous owner ... If it had been born by fathers of harmony, without knowledge there would be no pleasure for men ... neither the lawful nor the forbidden is known

• “Science is like Earth, from which we can have little” (Voltaire)

Ahmed Shawky:
With knowledge and money people build their king ... No king was built on ignorance and independence

My wealth is enough that I am not ignorant ... and the most ignorant bosses of today are ignorant

• It came in the aftermath from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he said: “The man is still aware of what he sought knowledge.

• Al-Zuhri said: "What is Abdullah with the same jurisprudence."

Al-Shafi’i said: “Seeking knowledge is better than naafil prayer .”

• The revolutionary said: "There is no better job than seeking knowledge if the intention is right."

• Ibn Masoud said: "Become a scholar or educator, and there will be no brilliance between that."

• Abu Al-Dardaa said: "Whoever sees tomorrow and the souls to knowledge is not jihad, for he has lost his mind and his opinion."

Memon said: "The ideal of the world in the country is like the eye of the sweet in the country."

• Abdul-Malik bin Marwan said to his sons: "My son: Learn knowledge, if you dispense with you, you will have perfection, and if you lack it, you will have money."

• Abu Al-Dardaa said: "May God bless the flag with happiness and forbidden by the brothers."

Abbas El Akkad says in science:

Read a good book three times. It is more useful for you to read three new books.

- Everything is licensed if there is more than knowledge, then if it increases price.

- I commend the people of the world, its people.

- And whoever seeks knowledge without effort ... he will realize it if the crow is young

It is ugly with that mind to be a beast, and it could be a human being, or be a human being, and he could be a king.

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