Poetry of love sadness

Sad love felt

  • Be patient, wait and wait for the muffled vinegar of sadness
All meanings changed and the picture became clear
Honesty in Halzman became like wafa non-existent
Our souls were hurt and joy was broken
All principles are published and those with whom they are subjected
Even the feelings are cheaper and the word is wasted
  • Do not ask me the reason for the silence of sorrows
But ask me about my absence and my presence
Do not ask me about the reason for the tears of objects
But ask me about my pleasure
Do not ask me about the expenses of time
The most beautiful dear beloved and brotherhood
Algebra of thoughts became the meaning of my presence
I give them joy and I am in the midst of sorrows
Forced fractures of others and neglected fractures
My heart breaks me .. and screams in my feelings
Don't get away ..

And my mind pulls me .. high and heavy continent ..
Go away from home .. from his world ..
From his galaxy .. if you can ..
My body flew in opposite directions.
It takes you away from me .. It takes me off myself ..
The search is still going on ..
About lost body parts ... and torn feelings ..
They found them all ... they restored them.
And fix what is spoiled by love ..
Except my stray heart .. has not been found ..
After he migrated back ..
Deep down ...
One day I wished you my love
I wished to be your love and be my share
I kept dreaming about you and my heart remained confused so it is flame
You hurt me, and I am waiting for you, my doctor
My concern and sorrow came to me, and to you, my doctor
Nizar Qabbani's poem: "Blind Love"
She said to him: Do you love me when I am blind? In the world there are many sweet, beautiful and sexy girls
You are nothing but crazy or pity on the blind eyes, he said, but I am a lover, I do not wish
I hope that you become my wife, and God has blessed me with money, and I do not think healing is possible
She said: If you return my sight to me, I will accept you, my destiny, and I will spend my life with you, but who will give me
His eyes, which night he has, and on the day he rushed to it, good news I have found the donor and you will see
What God created and created and you will fulfill your covenant for me and you will be my wife
And the day she opened her eyes, he was standing and holding her hand, she saw him, and she cried out, Are you also blind? She cried
Her fateful luck, don't be sad, you will be my eyes and my guide. When do you become my wife, I marry
Blinded: I became insightful, so he cried and said, "Forgive me, who am I to marry me?" But before that
Leave me, I want you to take good care of my eyes.

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