Poetry of love and spinning

Poetry of love and spinning

Nizar Qabbani was known for his beautiful flirtatious poetry, and among his flirtatious poems is the love of my love is the law, in which he says:
  • My love is the law, you female in her voice
Silver mixes. . With wine. . By rain
From the mirrors of her knees, the day rises
Life is getting ready to sail
O female
The sea mixes with its eyes with olives
my flower
And my star
And the crown of my head
may be I am
Naughty. . Or anarchist
Or crazy
If you are crazy. . This is possible
You are my lady
Responsible for that madness
Or you are cursed and this is possible
Everyone who practices love without leave
In the third world

My cursed madam

Many poets spoke of spinning in their poems, including al-Mutanabbi, who said:
  • I was not the one who entered love with his heart
But whoever sees your eyelids adores
Entice me to love you kill me
And you do whatever Camry heart
Jehovah did not live the heart, but the nation
My friend echoed in the closest
You are bliss to my heart and the torment to him
What is your command in my heart and darkness?
It is not surprising the death of loved ones in love
But the survival of lovers is amazing
I fell in love with you in my mind
The blood of life spewed to my veins
Hebron as you lived, did you see them?
A dead man cried with the love of his killer before me
If my heart was with me, I would not have chosen others
And I did not accept others except in passion
I wish this love adore once
He knows what the lover receives from abandonment
Your eyes are full of hearts, all of them
Either a wounded person or a victim was killed
I like to sleep at the right time
Perhaps it will be in a dream
Were it not for passion, he would not be afflicted on earth
But dear lovers humiliated
Transfer your heart to your liking
What love is only for the first love
If you want to receive all the benefits, then
A facet of all the goodies
Do not fight Foadi
Weak weak overpowering
If you see your beauty in the future
Your right, my soul, I was drunk without drinking
The tears were written by my cheeks
For fun and longing dictates what has been written
I love you love love of passion
And because you are worthy of that
I saw her full on the ground walking.
I never saw a full moon walking on the ground
They said the separation tomorrow, no doubt, I told them
But my soul will die by separation tomorrow
Stand up and leave us before we are about to separate
I am not the one who lives to meet

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