Poetry about hope

Hair about hope
Hope is a hidden inner feeling that only those with hearts who believe that despair does not exist in life feel, hope is what makes us more love for life and optimistic that tomorrow is always better than today, and the person who has in his heart does not feel much hope that any calamity that occurs with him may hold him About emotional mobility, and as I mentioned that hope is an inner feeling, it is among the feelings and emotions, without hope life will have no meaning, then hope will be continuity and moving forward in this life, and these are some of Nizar Qabbani’s words in hope from his poem: “I fear that the little hope will die And suffocates "
See, time will give us time to ... get back .. and separate? You see the candles shine for us, and whoever .. Lets them .. We burn I fear for "Little Hope" that .. He dies .. He suffocates

Today we weaved dreams ~ and tomorrow will leave us a wreck ~
After I return to the road, I may find solace !! I keep all clues from dawn dreams evening !!
I remember how we used to meet .. and the path is dancing like the bright morning .. and life goes on in the calm of the tulips ..
Something that attracts me, I do not know what is the end of it one day, I see it at the end and one day I see life ah from the wound that still hurts my hands ah from the hope that I still live in the echo
.. and tomorrow ... it will come to an end ...
Dice shrivel out in the eyes >> And Yaddenay's age eats years
Tomorrow, on the same road, we will be separated .. And our tearful tears revolve and suffocate .. Our tears, one day, our path lit up, and tomorrow, with longings, we burn.

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