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  • 1 Friendship in Arabic poetry
  • 2 poetic verses on friendship
  • 3 Friendship - Imam Al-Shafi’i
  • 4 Friendship - Hassan bin Thabit
  • 5 A person is known to sleep by his actions

Friendship in Arabic poetry

Download Arabic poetry a lot of subjects, and called for a moral character dignified and qualities of good in all aspects of life, how many verses have been said in the honesty and other Semitic ties that bind people to each other as love and friendship, has had the idea of friendship strong and clear presence in Arabic poetry, Here we will mention some verses and poems that were talked about by friends .

Poetic verses about friendship

  • Nothing in the world is dearer to me
From the view of khilaan and mates

  • Evil country is a country to believe in
And Sharma gains the human being deaf

  • Ten people who were distinguished by intelligence
And choose your friend of ethics

  • If you are blamed for everything
Your friend has not received which Tatbh (Bashar bin cold )

Friendship - Imam Al - Shafi’i

If one does not take care of you except in cost
So let him and not make him regret
In people, there are substitutes, and there is rest.
And in the heart there is patience for the beloved, even if it dries up
What everyone who desires, his heart will admire you.
And not everyone who has cleared it for you has
If it is not the pleural ritual nature
There is no good in the cost of coming
And there is no good in a horse that betrays its horse.
And he dumped it after the affection in drought
He denies the existence of an outdated period
And it shows a secret that yesterday was hidden.
Peace be upon the world when it was not
A true friend, a sincere promise, is fair

Friendship - Hassan bin Thabit

Men are very many
But in calamity they are few
Do not be deceived by the mind of those who
What do you have a female deputy from Hebron?
And every brother says that I am faithful
But he does not do what he says
Only vinegar to him by religion
So what he says is verb

One knows sleep by doing

One knows sleep by doing
And the characteristics of a decent person as its origin
Be patient and time-consuming
Know that God exaggerated his command
Do not be amazed, perhaps
Who said something, it was said the same
And avoid indecency not uttering it
As long as you talk too hard and humor it
And if the friend regrets you ignorance
Shake hands for friendliness, not for him
How many favorite worlds have reasoned
It is not worth stitching in its sole
The sea above it is Jeff Al-Fala
The turn is covered up under its sand
And he admired Asfour as he swelled hard
Except for his indiscretion and lightness of mind
Never get sugar from Handal
The thing is due to its origin
In the atmosphere written on fancy newspapers
Whoever works for a favor shall be rewarded with his likeness

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