Painful words

Painful words

Sometimes words are more painful even than hitting the chariot, and the word certainly has a greater impact than the surgeon will leave on our body. Our fate with them is separation, for death is not rewarded! For example, here are some painful words that only affect the companions of the living emotion:

• Today, I am among you, and tomorrow I may leave you. If I stay, do not abandon me. If I leave, do not forget me. If I am absent (if you mention me), then pray to me, then I may be in desperate need for your prayers.

• How painful it is to need you and not find you, to miss your conversation, to love you and not to be with you.

• “It is very easy for a young man to sacrifice for a girl, but it is difficult to find a girl who deserves sacrifice ... Do not be sad if a girl betrays you, for she is like a bird drinking from every channel” (Nizar Qabbani).

My Lord, take away from my heart those things that hurt me, for many were disappointed !! Your thought does not disappoint.

• How painful to try to stand again, and something strong called despair pulls you down!

• How painful it is to live with you as blood, and they stick to you like your fingernails, and you have them like a spacious oasis, and they are for you like a beautiful home, then you leave them .... as simple as the stranger.

One day they will realize that I am like death ... I will never repeat their lives again.

Our graves were adopted, and we did not

• If you knew that your best friend died before you revealed to him the great secret that no one else could conceal?

• You lost sight of day and night and did not find someone to lean on when walking.

• If your kindness becomes stable for the exploited.

• How do you feel to conceal people's mistakes and pitfalls in fulfillment of yours to them, and hear the next day that these secrets were published as mistakes about you.

• How you feel when you speak and speak and see people looking at you is not listening, but a phishing for your own flaws.

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