Makeup harms the skin


  • 1 make-up
  • 2 harmful makeup on the skin
    • 2.1 Damage to the primer
    • 2.2 Damage to lipstick
    • 2.3 Damages to Al Balshar
    • 2.4 Damages of foundation
    • 2.5 Kohl damage
  • 3 natural cleaners to remove makeup and get rid of its damages
    • 3.1 Aloe vera and honey
    • 3.2 rose water and glycerin
    • 3.3 Honey
  • 4 tips and advice
  • 5 Bibliography


Cosmetics and skin care products are widely spread in stores and beauty salons, so women and girls use them to get a beautiful look and to make the skin look beautiful and smooth, and make-up is a double-edged sword; despite its effectiveness on the skin , it is sometimes unsafe, it is full of chemicals Harmful and harsh prostheses on the skin, which directly affect it, as it prevents the skin from breathing, and provides an environment suitable for the growth of bacteria and external impurities, which subsequently causes skin problems, and in this article we will talk in detail about the harmful effects of makeup Li skinned. [1]

Makeup harms the skin

Primer damage

Using the primer (installed make - up) to ensure the stability of makeup on the skin as long as possible, in addition to making the skin look uniform and soft, and multiple types, there PRIMER face where he is placed before the foundation cream after moisturizer and primer for the eyes , which is placed before placing eye shadow , and PRIMER lips , which is placed Before applying lipstick, and primer for eyelashes that apply before applying mascara. It can cause one of these types of allergies, or cause acne, especially for the skin ready for it, and in the event of any of these cases, you should see a doctor immediately to take appropriate measures. [2]

Lipstick damage

Lipstick is one of the favorite products for girls; it gives the lips a great color and fullness, but the lipstick has damages like other substances, as it contains a lot of toxic chemicals including cadmium, mercury, antimony, formaldehyde, preservatives, carcinogens, and mineral oils The main ingredient of lipstick is lead, which mainly affects the nervous system and hormonal system, and lipstick causes allergic reactions and irritation of the lips and the skin surrounding it, in addition to that it leads to clogged pores, dry and cracked lips, while the pigments in red Fagh leads to skin irritation and darkening of the lips or vitiligo as a result of the disappearance of the pigment cells. [3]

Al-Balshar damage

Al Balshar is used to highlight the cheekbones and give them a healthy glow and pink color, but Al Balshar may cause sensitivity to the skin, due to some ingredients made of it, such as the Carmine component, one of the ingredients used for a specific brand of Al Balshar, has been reported as a cause of allergic contact dermatitis. [2]

Foundation damage

The Foundation Cream works to hide the imperfections of the skin and unify its color and is considered a basis before applying makeup on the face, but its use and daily application to the skin will affect it negatively, as in the following points: [4]
  • The pores are clogged, and the skin is not allowed to breathe easily, causing a host of other problems.
  • The appearance of acne, when the pores of the skin become clogged, dirt and germs accumulate, which leads to many problems, most notably acne, boils or skin irritation.
  • Dryness of the skin, due to the action of chemicals, especially if the skin is sensitive then it may get worse.
  • Allergy, as chemicals are an integral part of the ingredients used to make foundation creams , this will directly affect the sensitive skin, and later on other skin types.
  • An oily look, especially for oily skinned people who mistake choosing a foundation cream, as it should be oil free.

Kohl damage

Kohl gives a beautiful appearance to the eye, as it identifies and accentuates it more, but it has negative damage like other cosmetics, as it may cause chemical, toxic and infectious conjunctivitis, uveitis, blue water, dry eyes, and conjunctival discoloration, and it is advised not to put kohl on the eyes during injury With an infection or undergoing surgery, etc. [1]

Natural cleansers to remove makeup and get rid of its damages

Aloe vera and honey

The mix of aloe vera and honey helps to remove makeup and get rid of impurities on the face and clean it well, and this mixture is prepared by following the following steps: [5]
Ingredients :
  • Equal amounts of aloe vera gel and honey.
  • Two tablespoons of any kind of optional oils for each cup of the mixture.

Method of preparation and use :
  • Mix the ingredients together well using an electric mixer until a paste is obtained.
  • The mixture is placed in an airtight container, then in the refrigerator to preserve the aloe vera, especially if it is fresh.
  • Take a quantity of the mixture when using, and gently rub the face for a minute or two, then wash the face with cold water and dry well.

Rose water and glycerin

Prepare this mixture by following the following steps: [5]
Ingredients :
  • A cup of rose water .
  • A quarter cup of aloe vera gel.
  • Two teaspoons of glycerin.
  • A teaspoon of castile soap.
  • 8 drops of rose water extract.

Method of preparation and use :
  • Mix the ingredients together well and then store them in a pump bottle.
  • When using, sprinkle a little of the mixture with a clean hand or a clean piece of cloth and rub the face with it in circular motions until the make-up is removed.
  • The face is washed with warm water and dried well.


Honey contains anti-bacterial agents that fight acne, in addition to containing enzymes that help remove dead skin cells. Honey can be used to remove makeup by the following method: [5]
Ingredients :
  • A teaspoon of natural honey.

How to use :
  • Hands are rubbed with honey, then spread flat on the face with a circular motion massage.
  • Then leave the face for 5-10 minutes, then remove the honey using a warm cloth.

Tips and Advice

Here are some additional tips and advice: [6]
  • The need to stop using the product that causes any reaction to the skin immediately.
  • Use hydrocortisone cream after consulting your doctor as it helps to reduce inflammation significantly.
  • Be sure to choose products with few ingredients, as this reduces the chance of reaction to the skin.
  • It is necessary to perform a simple elbow test and wait for 48-72 hours. If redness, itching, burning or swelling is observed, this product should not be used forever.
  • The presence of terms on the product label such as: "hypoallergenic", "dermatologist tested", "sensitivity tested" or "non-irritating" does not guarantee that the product will be gentle on the skin, as there are some companies that conduct tests and others do not, there is no Rules on how to use these terms on the poster.

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