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  • 2 A story of hidden love
  • 3 Qais bin Al-Mallouh and Layla Al-Aamiriya
    • 3.1 About their lives
    • 3.2 The story of Majnoun Laila
    • 3.3 The end of Qais bin Al-Mallouh

the story

The story is defined as a group of events that are told in a consistent and sequential manner. The events you are talking about can be real and the story here is called the true story, or the events can be fantasies and they are called the imaginary story that is impossible to happen, and the story can talk about events Real happened but it is not transmitted from it and here it is called real.

The story of hidden love

A Badia man was married to a woman he loved, and this woman was married before him to another man who gave birth to a child, and after a period of their marriage the man felt that his wife did not like him and did not feel it, and did not speak to him often, as he did not see her laughing or smiling until And doubts persisted to him that his wife loved another person, and he had feelings to hide from him.

The man was confused about his wife’s matter, so he resorted to an old woman who lived in the desert known to be wise, and he updated her with his story, and he asked her to find a solution for him to remove doubts about him, and to make sure of his wife’s love for him. Over your chest while you sleep, and when your wife comes to wake you up you are making sure you died.

The next morning the husband answered the old man's request, and he did what he commanded him, so when his wife came to wake him up he did not move or get up, and I thought that the snake bitten her husband and died, so she started screaming at her son (Zaid) to come to her, and the following poem said:

O Zayd, the rest of the mind, I crossed
Your father should not neglect her eyes
I commented how many of you had previously found it
After the canna and the horses, they hurried their feet

I pinned how many attacks I had felt
Morning .. Otherwise I saw her from her mouth

And I raised a lot of sentinel in Ghia Al-Saba
I wish you, Wafi Al-Khasayl, her resolution

The watered water of the neighbor, who missed his neighbor
And the brother of his neighbor, her absentee

There is no relaxation in itself
There is no means about it or not

After the husband heard this poem from his wife, he confirmed her feelings towards him, and knew the value of her love for him, who was hiding him ashamed of him, so he rose from the bed and was glad to tell her that I had not died. The wife was embarrassed when she revealed her love and feelings for her husband, and when she learned that her husband was deceiving her and did not die, she got angry and swore not to return to him unless he agreed to the conditions that she asked for, as the first condition was that the stone should speak to the stone, and the second condition was to speak to the oud, and the husband was disappointed .

After a great confusion, the husband went to the old woman again, and he said to her what his wife requested, and the old woman said, Bring the wind. When she turns around her, she makes a sound, half of which speaks the other half, and brings the rabbi, so the sticks speak to each other, so if your wife loves you and wants to return to you, she will return to you And the husband did what he was asked for, and his wife returned to him as he had wished.

Qais bin Al-Mallouh and Leila Al-Amreya

About their lives

This story is considered one of the most beautiful love stories that have passed in history; it illustrated the most beautiful meanings of love and love between Qais bin Al-Mallouh and Laila Al-Aamiriya, and in referring to their lives we point out that the hero is called Qais bin Al-Malouh bin Muzahim bin Adas bin Rabia bin Jada bin Kaab was born in 440 Hijri, and he was a smart boy, smart and knowledgeable of poetry, and aware of the news of the Arabs and their stories, and Qais was known for his morals and his morals, he was tall, white in complexion, frizzy hair, but he became mad from his many love and love for the night.

As for the heroine, she is Laila bint Mahdi bin Saad bin Rabia ibn al-Harish ibn Ka`b ibn Rabi` ibn Amer ibn Sa`sa`, and she cited the mother of Malik, and Qais was four years older than her, and she was tall, white-skinned, very beautiful and wit, and she has two eyes that are charming in beauty.

Crazy story of Layla

Qais and Laila are said to be cousins, as Qais and Laila were raised together, and they grazed sheep together, and they fell in love with each other from childhood, and when Laila grew up she was withheld from Qais and she no longer saw it, as this is one of the Arab customs when the girl grows up, and this causes pain to measure; I miss him and love him day by day.

Days passed and Laila's love increased in the heart of Qais, so he fell on his face in the desert, and began to say the poetry of Laila - who was immortalized by history later and became a beacon for every lover and lover - then he decided to submit to her engagement, and he gathered for her a great dowry, but he was surprised that her family rejected him because of their knowledge of his story with her And his love for her before, and that is what their customs refuse to consider as a disgrace to the family, and there are some accounts that say that the main reason for the refusal of Laila Qais's father is some differences between him and the father of Qais; since the Laila family believed that the Qais family had taken the right to inheritance, even That Aba Laila did not find anything to feed his household, but most historians Jhawwa first reason not to accept the father of the marriage of his daughter Laila from Qais.

At the same time, another man submitted a sermon to Laila from her family, and this man was like him a cultured man, who presented her family with a dowry estimated to be ten camels, so Abu Laila seized the opportunity and forced his daughter to accept this marriage, knowing that Qais had provided her with nearly fifty camels as a dowry. to her. She married Laila against her will, and she went with her husband to Taif, and once Qais felt that Laila had moved away from him, important on his face in the vast desert, he began to chant her poetry, and sang his virgin love for her, and he was very nomadic, where people see him once in the Levant, and once in Hijaz, and another In Najd.

Historians and writers mention that Qais came to Leila's husband one day and found him sitting among men of his people, and that day was very cold, and he sang to him saying:
Come on, did you join Laila before morning, or kiss her mouth?
Have the horns of night shelved the daisy piled on you?
As if a carnation and abundant musk, and towards the songs, included her mouth

Then he said to him, He answered: As for swearing by me, yes. Qais Al-Majnun Laila caught both hands on the fire, and he did not leave her until he fell unconscious.

The end of Qais bin Al-Mallouh

Qais was found dead in the desert among the stones, and it is said that a woman from his people used to go to him with food every day, so she put him in a certain place without seeing Qais. I put food in it and I came back again and found it as it was I knew Qais was dead, so I told the tribesmen about Qais.

The tribesmen went out looking for Qais and found him lying among the rocks and he was dead, but he left him a trace on one of the rocks by writing a house of poetry in which he said:

The mission and the wilderness rocks
The wounded heart died, and the chest closed

I wish this love adore once
He knows what the lover receives from abandonment.

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