Is marriage written?

Faith and contentment with God’s destiny and its fulfillment is one of the pillars of faith. Absolute faith in God’s judgment and ability is one of the pillars of faith, when he asked him, peace and blessings be upon him when Gabriel asked him about the issue of faith.
And marriage is one of the fate written in the tablet preserved when it was stated in Sahih Muslim that the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said (( God wrote the quantities of creatures 50 years before God created the heavens and the earth, he said: And his throne is on the water)) Narrated by Muslim •

Every thing in a person’s life has been written, and the evidence for that is many, as it was reported from the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.) And what God’s destiny, rulings, and books written in the preserved tablet is from the unseen that only God knows • except that God estimated reasons connected to the causes ( In his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him:)) “It is his secret to simplify him in his livelihood or set aside for him in his impact so that he may reach his womb ((Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim •
And God Almighty said: “He who fears God makes a way out for him and sustains him from where it is not counted.” To take the reasons for reaching halal livelihood

But some people have become forbidden ways to reach a livelihood or marriage, such as removing the veil or mixing to find the right husband, and they forgot his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “One is to deprive the provision of guilt and misfortune.” When Sheikh Muhammed bin Ibrahim Al-Hamad, a member of the teaching staff of the Qassim University, was asked that Everything and everything that was and what will be of the life of creation is written in the preserved tablet. This writing falls under faith in destiny and faith in destiny is based on four main pillars, namely science, writing, will and creation, and here we must, as believers in destiny, believe that nothing does not happen that God does not know and his books and will and creation ?

Among these things, marriage and much evidence for that
1- God Almighty said: “Did you not know that God knows what is in heaven and earth? That is in a book. That is for God to walk” [Hajj: 70].

2- His saying - Almighty: “And every thing we counted in a clear Imam” [YAS 12].

3- The Almighty said: “Say: He will only befall us with what God has written for us” [At-Tawbah: 51].

4- He said - Glory be to Him - on the authority of Moses - peace be upon him - his supplications: "Write to us in this world a good deed" [Al-A'raf: 156].

As for the Sunnah, it includes the following:

1- On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas - may God be pleased with them both - he said: I heard the Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - saying: “God wrote the quantities of creatures 50 thousand years before he created the heavens and the earth.” He said: “And his throne is on the water.” Muslim ( 2653).

2- The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “None of you is of any soul, but God has written its place from Heaven or Hell, except when you have written a miserable or happy.” Sahih Muslim. Based on all these evidence, the marriage is written at a time We cannot provide or delay it, but this does not mean that we leave behind the reasons, research, question, istikhaarah, and other reasons. Rather, the introduction of the reasons is one of the greatest things to believe in destiny. But if we discussed the topic that supplication restores destiny, and does supplication in marriage fall under it, the answer is yes, correct, so supplication is a great thing, and glory is derived from it, and it is one of the greatest reasons and success

To the words of God’s prayers and peace be upon him)) Fate does not return except supplication. God is broad in everything that is present and this science has been written in the preserved tablet. What is meant by the Almighty saying, “Erase God what He wills and establish” [Thunder: 39]. And the Messenger of God said, “Whoever is pleased to spread his wealth for him, and to set himself up in his impact, let him have mercy on him.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari

Here we say that destiny is divided into two pots:

the first :
The fixed pot, or absolute, or concluded that is not changed in it, which is what was written in the preserved tablet, this pot is a fixed amount that does not change in it.

The second
The suspended fate, or restricted, and the fate that was written in the books of the angels only, and this fate is the one in which it is possible to erase or prove, for example, the term, the provision, and the age are written in the preserved tablet, and it is not possible to change it. As for what was mentioned in the angelic papers, there is a change in it according to the human actions.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah - may God have mercy on him - said: (And for the sake of two seasons: an absolute sake that God knows, and a bound sake). Thus, the meaning of his saying - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - is clear: God commanded the king to write to him sooner and said: If he reaches his womb, he increases this and that. And the king does not know whether to increase or not? But God knows what the matter is for, and if the time comes, it will not progress or be late. ”Total Fatwas 8/517.

When asked about the issue of livelihood: can it increase or decrease? Rizq is of two types: one of which is what God taught him to bless him, then this does not change. The second: what he has written, and I teach the angels about it, this increases and decreases according to the reasons. ”Total Fatwas 8/517. God only knows

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