• 1 concept of indigestion
  • 2 causes of indigestion
  • 3 Prevention and treatment of indigestion
  • 4 References

The concept of indigestion

Dyspepsia is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems that many people suffer from, and indigestion is characterized by a feeling of being uncomfortable after eating food even if they have had a snack; where the person feels many of the symptoms associated with indigestion including bloating and vomiting, in addition to He feels pain and disorder focused on the upper part of the stomach without a clear functional cause, and indigestion is characterized by its continuity, as it is either chronic or may disappear for a temporary period and then return. Also, symptoms of indigestion may appear together or either for each of them separately, as well as a different presentation may appear each time, and the effect of these symptoms may be either clear on the person's daily performance, or it may be a slight effect. [1]

Causes of indigestion

There are several causes of indigestion: [2]
  • Ulcers and what is known as gastroesophageal regurgitation, which a person develops as a result of very acidic stomach secretions , which also affect the esophagus, and on the other hand may affect some medications and lead to irritation of the stomach.
  • The psychological state of a person, so that it may cause fears caused by the pressures of life, it makes the person vulnerable to injury, in addition to his permanent feeling of depression and anxiety, and the shocks that a person may face in his life also affect the occurrence of this disease.

Prevention and treatment of indigestion

In order to prevent indigestion, it is necessary to take the necessary measures for this by avoiding fatty foods, avoiding excessive spices, avoiding coffee and soft drinks, and quitting smoking , and a healthy diet must be used through a lot of small meals and not eating meals. Big in number, and easy-to-digest foods like vegetables and fruits should be chosen. Until dyspepsia is treated, the main cause must be addressed. If the cause of indigestion is ulcers, it must be treated. The doctor must also check to see if the person uses drugs that cause indigestion until alternatives to these drugs are used. [3]

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