Improve the sound

Rules for improving sound

There are some rules that help you to have a better and wonderful sound that attracts listeners and does not alienate any of you during your speech, and among these rules that should be followed
Record your voice and try to listen to it objectively. Repeat this, using more than one tone. For example, try to recite the Qur’an in more than one way and more than quickly and with different classes and practice on that.
Try to speak at 90 words per minute, as this is the average normal speech. After training, ask those around you for their opinion on your speed of delivery
The strength of your voice is one of the important things that you should practice with, you have to reduce and raise your voice until you can control your ability to diversify from his strength and this is something that is very useful in practicing public speaking and it also makes you glorious to control the layers of your voice in addition to it That grip or strangulation that happens to some people is overwhelmed

Read clearly indicating the letters' exits and their attributes, and to practice that, try to pronounce the difficult words until you are fluent in them, and among the difficult words are those words that include a letter of the letters of intimidation that are grouped in the words (singled out squeaky pressure) as well as the letters of the whisper group in saying:
Make your voice emphasize and interact with important words and meanings, and make it harmonize with the meaning. If the voice harmonizes with the meaning, you have a special imprint in the speech.
Make sure that the letter M and the letter N come from the mouth , not the nose
Ask those close to you if they notice any disturbing rattle in your voice
Take advantage of the breathing law and take advantage of your vocal abilities. Every person has amazing potential, by taking a deep breath from the nose. This gives you amazing energy and power in controlling the different sound layers.
Take care of your throat and keep your voice comfortable. The tired voice needs to be comforted and permanently moisturized, so you should try some of these recipes for chewing raisins. Drink warm water sweetened with honey. Natural lollipops with mint flavor.
Don't breathe through your mouth too much because this dries the vocal cords, and try to keep your breathing always out of your nose

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