How to make tahini salad


  • 1 ingredients of tahini salad
  • 2 method of preparing tahini salad
  • 3 doses of tahini at home
  • 4 method of preparing tehina
  • 5 Video of the way the tahini authority works

Ingredients of tahini salad

A cup of tahini.
Half a cup of fresh lemon juice .

How to prepare tahini salad

Mix the tahini in a small amount of warm water, then add the lemon juice to the mixture, then add the salt until the mixture becomes well mixed. - Then add the chopped garlic to the mixture that you previously prepared
- Put the mixture in a serving dish and sprinkle with chopped parsley in addition to olive oil and garnish with lemon slices

In this article, we will show you the easy and delicious way to prepare tahini at home

The amounts of tahini work at home

- A cup of roasted sesame
Half a cup of wheat flour
A quarter of a teaspoon of salt can be increased as desired
Half a cup of corn oil

How to prepare tehina

- Purify the sesame from impurities, then put it inside a frying pan of Tefal without adding oil, then roast it a little over medium heat for two minutes, but continue to stir until it roasts and changes its color a little

- Then, grind the roasted sesame in the mill until it becomes very very fine, knowing that you can roast a quantity of sesame and preserve it without bothering you every bit of roasting. When you need to make the tahini, you will find it ready toast.

- Bring a bowl, then add the flour to the sesame ground, then stir them together for homogeneity, then put them inside the electric mixer and then add the corn oil gradually and salt, then mix the ingredients together for a period of 3 minutes to five minutes until the mixture becomes thick and homogeneous, and if you feel It is somewhat static Add the corn oil and mix them on the mixer until the mixture becomes exactly what you want
- Then put the tahini mixture that you made into two tables of glass and keep it and then it is ready for use

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