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Shrimp with sauce

Shrimps of the most popular cuisines in the world, in the shrimp benefits of several calories low as well as fat , and some deals instead of shrimp meat regulates heartbeat, high blood pressure and some prescribed shrimp treatment or may be said to help shrimp in cancer resistance will show how to cook shrimp.

Ingredients of shrimp sauce

3 cups flour
3 cups Rusk
two eggs
Prawn quantity as desired
half cup milk liquid
salt and black pepper
garlic and cumin and parsley Nashef

Shrimp method with sauce

Processing shrimp we peel shrimp but not Tnzei tail Drain the black of it and then thread put it into the container and then wash well with water and sometimes are rubbed with lemon and then immerses shrimp a little water in a bowl and transferred shrimp to the refinery filtered well water
way spicing shrimp then attend to spicing It is used in seasoning shrimp by mixing milk with eggs well and put on a shrimp a pinch of salt, pepper, cumin and crushed garlic and put shrimps aside and then mix the rusk with all spices as desired to add a distinct flavor, according to desire, and then in another port we put the flour and then gradually pu Put the shrimps and turn them with flour, then add the eggs to the shrimp mixed with milk, then put the rusk over them until each shrimp is covered with other ingredients, and then dip the shrimp with oil over medium heat until it ripens.

Shrimp sauce

We will now explain how to prepare the shrimp sauce that he likes to add to give him different foods

Shrimp sauce amounts

Egg + oil cup + garlic clove + salt + lemon

Shrimp sauce method

We bring the mixer and put the eggs in it and mix it with the mixer, then add oil to the scrambled eggs in small but consecutive quantities until the mixture becomes like mayonnaise, i.e. whitish to whites , then add garlic, salt and lemon to the mixture and mix well inside the mixer and after mixing them well we put them in a plate and add ketchup and mustard and mix them Take some well until the mixture looks like a sauce
How to serve shrimp, put the shrimp on the serving plate, and you can add onion slices, tomato slices, lemon slices and some grilled vegetables such as grilled potatoes, and then the shrimp J is served with the sauce that was prepared previously and dip the shrimp with it with food

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