How to make a lasagna


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  • 2 Lasagna tray with tomato sauce
    • 2.1 Ingredients
    • 2.2 How to prepare
  • 3 Lasagna with spinach
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Lasagna dish is a dish consisting of several thin layers of pasta, and the origin of the dish is Italian , except that the word has Greek origins, and its meaning in the original: the fate of cooking, as many civilizations used the word lasagna to refer to its original meaning. .

The first cookbook in England published a recipe for a lasagna dish, which made many believe that this dish is of British origin, but this matter is doubtful, and despite that it resembles Italian and Greek dishes.

Lasagna tray with tomato sauce

the ingredients

  • A box of lasagna slices.
Bechamel sauce
  • Four tablespoons of flour.
  • Two tablespoons of butter.
  • Three cups of liquid milk.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Pinch of black pepper.
  • Half a teaspoon of oregano .
meat sauce
  • 250 grams of minced meat.
  • Medium onion.
  • Four grains of tomato.
  • A clove of garlic is mashed.
  • Two tablespoons of tomato paste .
  • Two tablespoons of ketchup.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Pinch of black pepper.
  • A teaspoon of oregano.
  • Two cups of mozzarella cheese.

How to prepare

  • Grate the onion or cut into small pieces, then brown until yellow.
  • Add the meat and two cloves of garlic, and stir well, until cooked with onions.
  • Add black pepper and salt after the meat water dries and becomes brown, then add tomato paste, ketchup , and tomato after finely chopping it.
  • Prepare béchamel sauce by putting two tablespoons of butter until it melts and warms a little.
  • Add the flour and the mixing is done quickly, and after mixing add the milk gradually until thick, and it is dazzled with salt, black pepper and oregano.
  • Prepare a tray and place the lasagna slices - it is possible to boil lasagna slices before describing them in the tray where this depends on their type -, and on top of it a layer of meat sauce, then a layer of béchamel sauce, and repeat this step until it ends with a layer of béchamel .
  • Add the mozzarella cheese on top, then put the tray in the oven for twenty minutes until the ingredients overlap and a little brown and the face becomes golden in color.

Spinach Lasagna

the ingredients

  • Five hundred grams of lasagna slices.
  • A cup of grated mozzarella.
  • Five hundred grams of boiled and chopped spinach .
  • Onion, finely chopped.
  • A quarter cup of olive oil.
  • Pinch of salt.

Bechamel sauce
  • Five cups of milk.
  • Six tablespoons of butter.
  • Six tablespoons of flour.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of white pepper.
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg .
  • Half a teaspoon of black pepper.

How to prepare

  • Heat oil over medium heat, then sauté onion until softened, then add spinach and salt and saute for two minutes.
  • Boil the lasagna slices in boiling water, and when they are ripe, cool them in water placed in another bowl.
  • Strain the lasagna in an oven tray and grease with olive oil, then put the mixture of spinach and then a second layer of lasagna, and repeat the process until the completion of the filling of spinach .
  • Heat the oven at 250 ° C.
  • Put the butter and flour in a saucepan over a low heat until smooth, until the mixture becomes yellow.
  • Pour the milk and stir for about twenty minutes to get a thick mixture.
  • Lasagna flavored with salt, black pepper, nutmeg and white pepper.
  • Leave the béchamel sauce until slightly cooled, then pour over the lasagna.
  • Grated cheese is placed on the face of the tray, and put into the oven for 45 minutes until the cheese melts and becomes golden.

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