How to eliminate cockroaches


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    • 2.1 borax and sugar
    • 2.2 cucumber peels
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Cockroaches are insects that have six legs, and some have transparent brown wings, and they spread in the tropical and desert regions in particular. Cockroaches are a household pest that many people face difficulty in getting rid of and eliminating, so we will learn about some ways to eliminate them permanently.

How to eliminate cockroaches

Borax and sugar

the ingredients:
  • Sufficient amount of borax.
  • Sufficient amount of sugar.

How to prepare:
  • Mix the borax and sugar well, for total consistency.
  • Place the resulting mixture on the areas where cockroaches are infested.
  • Leave it for at least two hours, to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

Cucumber peels

Ingredients: an adequate amount of cucumber peels.

How to prepare:
  • Place cucumber pods in areas where cockroaches appear, such as shelves, shins, and small areas.
  • Leave it for a quarter of an hour until the cockroaches die, repeating this method twice a week.

Chili and garlic

the ingredients:
  • Two teaspoons of hot pepper.
  • A tooth of garlic.
  • Tablespoon of putty onion.
  • Sufficient amount of water.
  • Two teaspoons of liquid soap.

How to prepare:
  • Mix the chili and garlic well.
  • Add onions, and continue to mix.
  • Mix the resulting mixture with soap and water.
  • Place it on the entrances to the house and windows.
  • Leave it for at least an hour.
  • Washing the house with soap and water well, to get rid of dead roaches.

Bay leaves

Ingredients: sufficient amount of bay leaves.

How to prepare:
  • Place bay leaves on windows, doors, and cockroaches.
  • Leave it all night to benefit from it as much as possible, and expel cockroaches outside the home without having to kill them, as bay leaves are a natural material that plays a big role in getting rid of cockroaches, because of their beautiful and strong smell.

Vaseline and peels of fruits

the ingredients:
  • A small amount of petroleum jelly.
  • Banana, or apple, and pineapple.

How to prepare:
  • Mix vaseline in a large glass bottle with fruit peels.
  • He put the bottle inside the kitchen, on the windows, and the entrances to the house, where this bottle attracts cockroaches to enter, and left it for a whole night.
  • Empty the cockroaches into a large bowl filled with water and liquid soap the next day, in order to eliminate the cockroaches and get rid of them.

Tips for eliminating cockroaches

  • Close windows, openings and voids in the doors to prevent them from entering the home.
  • Get rid of dirt and trash bags directly, and put them outside the house.
  • Avoid leaving food debris on the floor, because it attracts cockroaches and small insects.

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