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  • 1 Night Resurrection
  • 2 Definition of the night prayer
  • 3 How to get up at night
  • 4 The best times for night prayer
  • 5 The wisdom behind the night prayer
  • 6 Ruling on the night prayer
  • 7 Etiquette of qiyaam al-layl
  • 8 The merit of night prayer
  • 9 References

Night prayer

There is no doubt that the night prayer is one of the greatest acts of obedience to God Almighty, and it is a great treasure for those who realize it, reassurance and contentment are obtained in it , and the servant gets a lot of good and good reward, a lot of those who know and the sanctuary of the fearful, a light in the life and a light in the matter, and a heaven for those who depend And comfort for those who attended it, how not and it is witnessed by the angels and written by the honorable and venerable journey.

The definition of night prayer

  • Raising a language : a source of people, the person rose: stood up and stood up, stood up, and reversed him sitting, he was sitting and stood up, the matter rose: he appeared and settled, and rose up at night: he prayed. [1]
  • The ritual prayer of the night is a term : voluntary prayer and remembrance at night, and the night prayer ritual prayer : it is what is required from naafil prayers after the evening prayer before bedtime, [2] and it was said: It is spending the whole night or an hour of it by praying, praying or otherwise, it is not required that the night be performed Or more than that, but it is true that it was for an hour or two or even for a small part of it, and Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them, sees that he gets the evening prayer in congregation, and the intention to pray in the morning prayer in congregation, because the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Whoever prays dinner in congregation, as if half a night And whoever prays the morning prayer in congregation, as if he had prayed all night) . [3] It was said: The meaning of being up and running is most of the night in obedience, and it was said: an hour of it, reciting the Qur’an , praising, remembrance of God, or hearing the hadith. [4]

How to get up at night

  • Night prayers : It is desirable to start the night prayer prayers with two light rak'ahs and then complete the prayer with two rak'ahs when it came from the Messenger of God - peace and blessings be upon him - from the hadith of Ibn Umar, may God be pleased with them, he said: (Night prayer is twice as fast, so if you see that the morning comes to you It was said to Ibn Omar: What is Muthanna Muthanna? He said: To be delivered in two rakats ) , [5] and to the hadith of Zayd ibn Khalid al-Juhani - may God be pleased with him - he said: I said:(For Ormguen Messenger of Allah , prayers - peace be upon him - tonight, Vetosdt threshold or Vstath (House of Poetry) prayed the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - two brief rak'ahs, then prayed two two long two long two long, then prayed two two without the two before them, and then prayed two And without them the two before them, then he prayed two rak'ahs without the two before them, then he prayed two rak'ahs, before the two Two, and then otter, it is thirteen rak'ahs) . [6]
By doing this the prayer of doing two rak'ahs by two rak'ahs, and it is possible to pray four rak'ahs like noon, but it is better to pray two rak'ahs two rak'ahs to do - peace and blessings be upon him - that, as for its form, it is a prayer like other prayers; it is opened with the opening takbeer , then the opening prayer, and the recitation of the opening, What followed by bowing and prostrating, and at the end of the prayer of qiyam, it is concluded with a rak'ah string.
  • Night mentioning : Who wants to assess the night the remembrance of Allah and Thamidh, and his praise and prayer to His Messenger, read the Koran, and the memorization of conversations Prophet - upon him Salam he may do so, and calculates who remember, and be rewarded for he mentioned it and read it , for saying peace be upon him: ( Who has read two verses from another Sura in the night will suffice) , [7] it was said: suffice of the night , Hafiz said: (it was: meaning Odzotah while attached to the belief, for papers containing him of faith and works in total), and then mentioned other sayings, he said: (All of the above may be desired by God I know.) On the authority of Abu Masoud, he said: “Whoever recites the conclusion of the cow, I will be rewarded for a night’s prayer.” [8]

The best night time

Night is permissible in the first night and center and so on , and so did the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, [9] It was narrated that Anas ibn Malik said: (what we we want to see the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him at night praying , but we've seen, and we want to see him asleep only We saw it) . [10] The time for night prayer begins after the completion of the evening prayer until the second dawn, [11] The best time for it is the last third of the night, and that is when:
  • The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, says: (I love praying to God, David’s prayers, peace be upon him, and I love fasting to God, fasting David, and he sleeps half of the night, rises one-third, sleeps one- sixth , and fasts one day and breaks the day) , [12] This means that he was praying the fourth sixth And the sixth sixth, and if he arose, in the last third, because of the great merit of that, because God Almighty descends to the minimum heaven in this part of the night.
  • Al-Nasa’i narrated from the hadeeth of Abu Dharr - may God be pleased with him - his saying: (I asked the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - which night is better? He said: The night is better than its end) , [13]
  • Ibn Al-Muqalan narrated on the authority of Abu Muslim that he said: (I said to Abu Dharr: Which night is better? He said: I asked the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as you asked me, and he said: the cavity of the night is gone, or the night is gone . [14]

The wisdom behind night prayers

The more the Muslim’s faith increases the more he appeals to the glorification of God Almighty, and the more he stands in his hands at the night or the other, and increases the love of pleasure in his worship, and that is why God made the prayer and made it one of the obligatory obligatory duties for each taxpayer, and God Almighty also initiated a prayer Volunteering for someone who wants to increase the closeness to God and make it a sign of righteousness and proximity to God and a reason for obtaining benefit in this world and the Hereafter, and the benefits and virtues of the night’s prayer include the following: [11]
  • The rise of the night is evidence of the sincerity of the Muslim , and evidence of his love for God Almighty. The more the love increases in love for his beloved, the greater his closeness to him, as well as the more love for God Almighty increases his closeness to him, and the best way to get close to God is prayer.
  • Night prayers increase the activity of a Muslim and motivate him to do his actions in the best way, and make him clear-minded, and close to what pleases God away from his wrath, Almighty says: (The emergence of the night is more severe and I do a little) . [15]
  • Medicine has proven that undisputed vigil helps to cure many diseases . The brain produces more material to relieve pain at the time of the evening than others, so how if the vigil in obedience to God Almighty, prayer and exertion, refraction and supplication, and remembrance and forgiveness, and recitation of God.

Ruling on night prayer

The fuqaha ’differed concerning the ruling on night prayers according to several sayings, including:
  • A team went on to favor the presence of the night in general, and this is how Malik and the rest of the jurists said from the Hanafi , Shafi’i and Hanbali. [16]
  • Some followers - such as Hasan al-Basri and Ibn Sirin - held that it is obligatory to pray the night, even as much as milking a sheep, [17] which is a statement that has neither evidence nor acceptable face.
  • The jurists differed in the ruling on the night being against the Messenger of God - peace and blessings be upon him - and a group said that it has a duty, and that was what was narrated by Al-Bayhaqi from the hadith of the Messenger of God - peace and blessings be upon him - as it was proven that he said: (Three of them are obligatory upon me and you volunteer: the tujahid is the night , Witr, and Al-Duha ) , [18] and it is obligatory - upon him be upon him peace and blessings - at least any two rak'ahs, and others went to claim that he is rightly Sunnah, like other Muslims, and the owners of this group protested by the Almighty saying: (From the night, you will be tempted to go to it) , [19] they said : This is explicit in not obligatory. The companions of the first team said: He commanded him to be used to be glorified in this surah as he commanded him in the Almighty saying: (O, the one who is a practitioner * do the night only a little) , [20]And what was copied from him did not come, Mujahid said: Rather, it was a redundancy for the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, because his sin and what he delayed were forgiven for him, so his obedience was superfluous, that is: an increase in the reward, and for others an atonement for his sins. [21]

Despite this difference in the ruling on the night being the right of the Messenger of God - may peace and blessings be upon him - but the owners of these two groups agreed that it is Sunnah over other Muslims, Al-Qahtani said in explaining the principles of the rulings: (And the establishment of the night is a Sunnah confirmed by the Book and the Sunnah and the nation’s consensus). [22]

The etiquette of night prayers

He who wants to pray at night must not eat and drink a lot and not exhaust his members during the day by working hard and not working with disobedience, and he should seek help by napping so that he will be strengthened to [[how do we pray the night prayer and how many rak'ahs it is for me], and his heart must be healthy for Muslims, Free from hatred and grudges, and he must fear the afterlife and longing to meet God, so that his fear and his longing to leave him to sleep and go to meet him is longing to meet him, because Shaddad bin Aus if he came to his bed was as if he was a pill on my frying pan and then says: God, hell, do not let me I sleep so that he rises to his prayer rooms, and Peacock used to spread his bed and then lay down and fry What Taatqly pill and then fried capers Vitehr and receives direction and begins to do, and do not let him go until the morning, he says , a bird of hell said sleep Abidin. The daughter of al-Rabi` bin Khathim said to him: “Father, my money, I see people sleeping, and I don’t see you sleeping.” He said: “Bani, your father is afraid of sleeps.” [23]

The merit of night prayers

Scientists considered a few virtues of night prayers, including: [24]
  • The Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - took care of the night until his feet were broken, as he was working hard to perform a great effort.
  • Night rises are among the greatest reasons for entering Heaven .
  • Rising at night is one of the reasons for raising the stairs in Paradise.
  • Those who protect themselves at night prayers are deserving of the mercy and paradise of God. God praised the people of the night, and counted them among the whole of His righteous servants.
  • God praised the people of qiyam at night in the whole of his righteous servants, and He said - Glory be to Him -: (And those who lay down to their Lord will worship and resurrect) . [25]
  • Night prayer is the best prayer after the obligatory prayer.
  • The night prayer is an expiation for evil and an end to sins.
  • The believer’s honor is night prayers.
  • The night ritual is overwhelmed by its owner because of its great reward, for it is better than the world and what is in it

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