How many latitudes


  • 1 Number of display circuits
  • 2 The most important circles display
  • 3 width circle measuring tools
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Number of display circuits

The latitude is defined as fictitious lines drawn circularly on the map of the globe, there are 180 circles of width divided into two parts separated by the equator, with 90 latitudes located north of the equator, and 90 latitudes south of the equator. Parallel to the equator, determined and measured using a basic unit of degrees, whose symbol (ْ). [1]

The most important circles display

Although there are many circles, there are many circles that are the most important among them, including: [2]
  • The equator , which is the line that falls at a degree of 0, which is the longest latitude on the globe, has a length of 24,901,55 miles, and is one of the most important latitudes, because it divides the Earth transversely from the middle, and is located in its center.
  • The Tropic of Cancer, located at 23.5 degrees north latitude, passes through many countries, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, India, and southern China.
  • The Tropic of Capricorn, also located at 23.5 ° C, but south, passes through southern Brazil, Australia, Chile, and South Africa.
  • The Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle, and these regions suffer from difficult weather and terrain conditions, so that the Antarctic Circle is the largest frozen desert in the world.

Width measuring tools

The Polynesians 400m and the Phoenicians 600m went to the sky to identify and calculate the width circles, as astrolabes were used by astronomers over many years to measure and determine the width circles, and this is done by measuring the inclination of the stars, and accordingly the latitudes are determined, Note that limiting knowledge of latitude is not sufficient in positioning, so it is also necessary to know the longitude of accurate positioning. [3]

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