How long is myself


  • 1 factors that affect the length
    • 1.1 Eat a healthy diet
    • 1.2 Get enough sleep
  • 2 Increase the height after the age of eighteen
    • 2.1 Maintain good posture
    • 2.2 strengthening core muscles
  • 3 References

Factors affecting length

There are several factors that contribute to determining length , and genetic factors are believed to represent 60-80% of a person’s length, and the remainder of environmental factors, such as: nutrition, exercise, and between the age of a year to adulthood, most people earn approximately 5.08 cm each year. And, when a person reaches puberty, he may grow at a rate of 10.16 cm per year, yet growth is at a different pace for a person than another, and growth begins in females at the beginning of adolescence, while male length may not increase significantly until the end of adolescence, and growth stops after this period, so it is unlikely to increase height after puberty, but his AAC are some ways that could contribute to the increased length during adolescence, including: [1]

Follow a healthy diet

Making sure to eat a healthy diet rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and fresh foods. The protein works to build muscles and tissues. The carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals that the bones need for growth, and eating enough calories supports muscle growth, which should be consumed between 1800- 3,200 calories a day, depending on your gender, size, and activity. [2]

Get enough sleep

It is necessary for a person to get an adequate amount of sleep, because the body works to produce the growth hormone during sleep, and this hormone may decrease when the person does not get enough sleep, and it can lead to complications, and it is suggested for each person to have specific hours of sleep each day according to age, which is As follows: [1]
  • Newborns: Up to three months of age, 14-17 hours of sleep should be obtained.
  • Infants aged (3-11) months should receive 12-17 hours.
  • Young children: At the age of 1-2 years, 11-14 hours should be obtained.
  • Young children (3-5 years), 10-13 hours should be obtained.
  • Children aged (6-13) years should obtain 9-11 hours.
  • Adolescents between the ages of 14-17 years should obtain 8-10 hours.
  • For adults aged between (18-64) years, it should be obtained (7-9) hours.
  • For the elderly 65 years and over, 7-8 hours should be obtained.

Height increase after the age of eighteen

There are no ways to increase a person’s height after the age in which the bone growth has stopped, but there are some methods that may appear to be longer, which are: [3]

Maintaining good posture

A person must maintain sitting and standing in a healthy position, as it helps the person appear longer, and contributes to preventing exposure to back pain, headaches, and to stand well, some advice must be followed, which is: [3]
  • Keep the shoulders back.
  • Pulling the abdomen toward the spine.
  • Maintaining the head level to the level of the body line.
  • The feet are shoulder width wide.
  • Avoid bringing the knees closer to each other.

To sit well, the following should be done: [3]
  • Keep feet flat on the floor while sitting.
  • Adjust the height of the chair, to be thigh parallel to the floor.
  • Avoid putting the legs together.
  • Back support using a small pillow.
  • Keep the shoulders comfortable.

Essential muscle strengthening

Care should be taken to strengthen the main muscles , which include the muscles of the abdomen, and the muscles of the spine, as these muscles help to support the spine, and if these muscles are weak, the spine is not supported properly, and it can cause pressure on it, which leads to its convexity. . [3]

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