How do I quit smoking


  • 1 Smoking
  • 2 ways and tips to quit smoking
    • 2.1 Ways to quit smoking naturally
    • 2.2 Tips to quit smoking


Smoking is defined as the process in which certain chemicals, such as tobacco, are burned, and there are many reasons that lead to smoking such as: family neglect, desire for pleasure, and various psychological pressures, but at the same time it is considered a means of addiction, and it also leads to severe damage In the body that causes death in advanced cases, and in this article we will talk about how to leave it.

Methods and tips for quitting smoking

Ways to quit smoking naturally

  • Licorice: Eat a little raw licorice, or drink marinade at least three times a day, as it maintains a healthy body and reduces the urge to smoke.
  • Hot Pepper: Mix half a teaspoon of hot pepper powder into a cup of water, then drink the mixture once a day.
  • Lobelia vinegar: Eat half a teaspoon of lobelia vinegar daily, then increase the amount to one tablespoon.

Tips to quit smoking

  • Make a critical decision on the need to quit smoking, and not delay its decision no matter how it faces various circumstances and difficulties.
  • Reading the harms of smoking, because when a smoker is aware of the harmful effects of smoking, this may create a desire within him to quit smoking as soon as possible, in addition to reading the hadiths that prohibited smoking.
  • Take advice from people who quit smoking.
  • Distraction when you need to smoke, for example, you can eat a grain of apples, or eat frankincense flavored with mint, where you get rid of the urgent need to smoke, and also maintains health.
  • Change the type of daily drink, for example, if the smoker is used to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, it can be replaced with a cup of juice.
  • Exercise, as exercise is one of the important sports, as it improves health, and it also occupies the smoker with the desire to smoke.
  • Drink more water, as water is one of the most healthy drinks, and the desire to smoke also decreases.
  • Doing psychological exercises such as yoga and meditation, as it relaxes the nerves and reduces the desire to smoke.
  • Eat alternatives to nicotine, such as: chewing gum, taking plasters, and eating bananas when you need to smoke.
  • Avoid keeping things that remind you of smoking, such as lighters and old cigarettes.
  • Not to sit friends with smokers, because this increases the desire to smoke.
  • The practice of walking, preferably half an hour per day, as it renews the body's energy and stimulates blood circulation in the body.
  • Eliminate negative feelings that lead to smoking, such as depression and stress.
  • Breathe deeply when you need to smoke.
  • Some medications can be used to reduce the desire to smoke, but it is best to consult a doctor first.
  • Consult a psychiatrist to get rid of smoking.

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