How do I know that God is satisfied with me


  • 1 The satisfaction of God Almighty
  • 2 The concept of contentment
  • 3 signs of God Almighty’s pleasure from the servant
  • 4 The fruits of God's approval of the servant
  • 5 References

The pleasure of God Almighty

The Muslim seeks every time and time to the satisfaction of God Almighty, and strives to achieve his consent, glory be to Him, as well as in obedience and closeness, and the performance of orders and avoiding terminations; Entering Heaven with the permission of God Almighty and His generosity, and that is what God Almighty says: (O reassured soul, * Return to your Lord, contented and contented) . [1] Hence a hadith on the concept of contentment, a statement of the signs of the satisfaction of God Almighty, and how the servant knows that God Almighty is satisfied with him, and the fruits that a Muslim reaps and the credit that he acquires with the consent of God Almighty for him in this world and the hereafter.

The concept of contentment

Satisfaction in the language of the linguistic root , may reportedly Radw, Alra and daad and crafts ailing last D and one out on against discontent, [2] , and the satisfaction of God Almighty for the subjects to see them two conferences by His command and Menthan what Nhahm him, and from the words of God Almighty: (I may Allah for the believers it Evalonk under the tree knew what was in their hearts and ejaculates tranquility on them and Othabhm opened soon) , [3] and the satisfaction of slaves from God shall be accepting His decree and handed over to the order without despondency or wrath, Valarza may be from God Almighty for slaves or satisfaction of slaves From their Lord - Glory be to Him - and saw that God Almighty said: (... may God be pleased with them and be pleased with him that great victory), [4] Satisfaction is called a lot of contentment, including what was mentioned in the words of God Almighty and a description of His servants the believers: (... you see them kneeling down prostrating to seek merit from God and contentment) . [5] [6]

Signs of God Almighty’s pleasure from the servant

A Muslim may sometimes ask whether God Almighty is satisfied with him or not, and he may think about what he performs of obedience and closeness whether it was accepted by God Almighty, and some of the signs that may be inferred from God Almighty’s approval for the servant may be summarized, and he may know that it is acceptable to God Almighty, Among these signs:
  • Helping in obedience. One of the signs of God Almighty’s consent to the servant is to enable him to do obedience to acts of worship and facilitate his causes. [7]
  • Altsber when calamities and adversity, Visber God Almighty bless him slaves and inspire him patience and descend upon satisfaction when calamities, and may solve its cherub, do not panic nor angry , but be patient in any case, and from the words of God Almighty: (... and the patient in Alboads And misfortune, and when the despair is, those who believe and those are those who fear . [8] [7]
  • Reassuring God Almighty, so God makes his servants who are satisfied with them reassured of him, so they trust his promise of help, victory and empowerment, and they are not preoccupied with thinking about sustenance , because they are reassured in God Almighty and depend on him and are confident in what he has. [7]
  • God Almighty endears for those who are satisfied with them from his worshipers alone - Glory be to Him - and allocate time for his encounters , draw closer to Him by mentioning, praying and reading the Holy Qur’an . [7]
  • God Almighty endeavors to those who are pleased with them, among His servants, to sit with and mix with the righteous. [7]
  • Helping on knowledge , so God Almighty appoints those who are pleased with them from his servants to knowledge, and he loves them to his request, and facilitates their methods and ways for them. [7]
  • Reconciled to repentance , God Almighty bless Viovq them slaves to repent and hasten to the case of guilt and not to survive it; because God loves those who repent, and it says: (Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves) . [9] [10]
  • May God Almighty protect those who are pleased with him from all his servants, all their wounds, as stated in the hadith Qudsi : (Whoever has returned to me as a prince, I have given him war, and my servant came close to me with something that he loved to me than what I assumed of him, and my servant is still close to me with naafil until I love him. He heard him who could hear it, and his sight that he saw, and his hand that would oppress it, and his foot that he walked with, and if he asked me to give it to him, and if he asked me for permission to excuse him) [11] [10]
  • The satisfaction of the people about whom God Almighty was pleased with and their love for him, as it was narrated from the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - that he said: (If God loves a servant, he calls Gabriel: I have loved so-and-so-loved). He said: He calls in the sky, then descends in the land in God. That is what God said: “Those who believe and do righteous deeds will make them a compassionate friend” ( [12] [10]

The fruits of God's approval of the servant

The pleasure of God Almighty has great fruits and great merit that the servant who attained the pleasure of God Almighty possesses and has received. Whoever is pleased with God Almighty will be blessed with the mercy of His Almighty’s mercy in this world and the Hereafter. : (The servant does not seek the pleasure of God Almighty, and he still does so, so God Almighty and Exalted says to Gabriel: So and so my servant seeks to please me except, and if my mercy is upon him, then Gabriel says: The mercy of God be upon him, and he says it is the burden of peace. , [13 ] It is derived from Allah be pleased with him a great reward in this world and the Hereafter, to gain paradise; penalty for his quest for the satisfaction of God Almighty, so an example of what came in the words of God Almighty:(No good in many Njuahm only ordered charity or known or repair people and do so seeking the pleasure of Allah will give him a great reward) , [14] did good deeds in order to collect the pleasure of Allah Almighty is the way to win the great wage in this world and the hereafter.

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