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  • 1 Smoking and hookah
  • 2 What is Al-Moasal
  • 3 Toxins to which allergy smokers are exposed
  • 4 Health hazards and hookah smoke on health
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Smoking and hookah

Hookah or shisha is one of the common tobacco smoking methods in many regions of the world, [1] and it is one of the old traditional ways of smoking tobacco in the Mediterranean region , and hookah is widely used by many people who quit smoking, thinking that they are less harmful Due to the passage of smoke in the water that works to filter and cool it, [1] the smoke from burning honey comes from lower temperatures than its counterpart in cigarette smoke, which leads to the assumption that the different types of toxins in it are different from those in cigarette smoke, [2]In addition to the belief that it does not cause addictions such as cigarette smoke, many of these shisha smokers believe in these matters, which constitutes the risk of the spread of smoking without the correct awareness of its harmful effects, [3] and helps to reinforce these beliefs by means of marketing of Muassal products, which some of them mention 0.5 % Nicotine and 0% tar. [4]

While hookah use was restricted to adults in the past, it is now increasingly used by college students and adolescents , and hookah smoking is considered one of the practices that threatens public health, and the American Lung Association has dubbed it the (fatal emerging fashion), [2] and in this The article is a discussion of the health effects of smoking hookah.

What is Al-Moasal

Almassal is a mixture of tobacco , sugar, and flavors that includes many fruit and candy flavors, [3] and these additions make smoking hookah more acceptable than the younger generation who can refuse to smoke cigarettes, [4] and smoking hookah differs from the cigarette that needs what 5-7 minutes to smoke it, [4]Which requires inhaling 500-600ml of smoke through 10-13 puffs, that it requires an average of an hour of smoking, which includes about 200 puffs, so that the volume of one jet exceeds an average of 500ml, a total of 90,000ml of inhaled smoke according to analytical studies, Al-Moasal smoking increases the opportunity for a person to move to smoke cigarettes, as an American study conducted on American teenagers of Arab origin found that the opportunity to smoke cigarettes is eight times higher for hookah smokers compared to others, [3] and the World Health Organization has stated that smoking a single hookah (200 puffs of smoke) Smoke is equivalent to smoke Tj smoking 100 or more cigarettes. [4]

Toxins exposed to allergy smokers

Contrary to the widely held belief that hookah is not considered as deadly as cigarettes, recent research has shown that it carries the same health risks and that it exposes a large number of toxic substances, as hookah smokers, compared to one cigarette smoke, are exposed to 1.7 times the nicotine considered an addictive substance, And 8.4, weakening of carbon monoxide, which is one of the smoking toxins that reduce the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, and 36 times that of tar. Consideration should be given to the rate of cigarette smoker compared to the smoking rate of hookah smoker to compare the toxins that each of them is exposed to. A, and this clarification is intended to be a hookah smoker as a result of exposure to high amounts of toxins. [3]

Some preliminary research has found that a person who smokes hookahs once a day produces a quantity of nicotine in the urine similar to that of 10 cigarettes a day, while carbon monoxide is found in exhaled air at a concentration of 30 ppm, which is superior to that of cigarette smoke One five times. Although there are not enough studies, scientific evidence indicates that hookah smokers are exposed to a large number of other carcinogenic toxins and heavy metals. [3]

There are some toxins that are also found in cigarette smoke, such as aldehydes that include formaldehyde, acetyldehyde, and acrolein. Tobacco smoke (from hookahs and cigarettes) also contains the isotope 210Po that radiates high radiation The strong into the smoker's body exposing it to radioactive toxins, and although the concentration of this isotope in the smoke of some types of sweet tobacco is considered to be less than that of cigarette smoke, its percentage in hookah smoke is still high (> 39%). [3]

There is currently insufficient scientific evidence to support the idea that the passage of smoke in water reduces the toxicity of the substances contained in it, and it is considered the justification for exposing the honeymooner to temperatures lower than that to which tobacco is exposed to smoke (about 450 ° C in waterpipe versus 900 ° C in cigarettes) which It may make the toxic substances in hookah smoke less harmful in the formation of harmful genetic changes ( mutations ) more logical, but this justification can be determined by the fact that if this is true for the toxins produced from Almassal, it is certainly not true for toxic substances that are produced from coal, And In the debate about the fact that water isOr degrees less heat may make toxins waterpipe less serious enough to mention that smoking a single waterpipe produces 8.4 times the carbon monoxide, and 36 times of tar, in addition to more than 50 times the amounts of some carcinogens and heavy , such as metals lead and cobalt, [ 3] In addition to the fact that coal combustion is another source of toxins, such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and carcinogens. [4]

Exposure to toxins resulting from hookah smoke is not limited to the user alone, as the people around it are also exposed to these substances, and hookah smoke has found toxic substances on the heart and lungs to degrees up to those produced by cigarette smoke, which makes exposure to smoke by Surrounding the smoker is a health hazard. [3]

Honey and hookah smoke are harmful to health

Among the damages resulting from smoking in general, and Al-Muhasal in particular, are the following:
  • There is not a lot of focus in scientific research on hookah damage as cigarette smoke has been, but many studies have found that sweetened smokers, like cigarette smokers, are at greater risk for tobacco addiction, cardiovascular disease, and cancer . [3]
  • Tobacco and nicotine addiction: since the smoking of sweet honey on nicotine makes it an addictive substance, [3] although the passage of smoke in water may decrease a little of the amount of nicotine, but the amount that remains in the hookah smoke is sufficient to cause addiction, [4] Many hookah smokers report their addiction and their inability to quit easily, and in one American study it was found that 12.9% of hookah smokers were addicted to it, although evidence suggests that hookah smokers' ability to quit is greater than the ability of cigarette smokers, and includes Indications of allergic addiction The night of withdrawal symptoms in those who are cut off from them, which ceases to come back to smoking. [3]
  • Honeyed smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and many respiratory and cancer diseases , such as bronchial cancer, [3] lung cancer, bladder cancer, nasopharynx cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cancer, [2] and other diseases. [4] It was found that hookah smoking and cigarette smoking raise the level of the protein (Carcinoembryonic antigen) stimulating tumor formation, and hookah smoking raises the Micronucleus frequency index, which is one of the indicators used in the early identification of cancer formation. [3]
  • Smoking hookahs poses a risk to dental health [3] and increases the risk of gum disease. [2]
  • Hookah smoking is a threat to fetal health, [3] According to WHO findings, exposure of pregnant women and fetuses to hookah smoke and toxins is more dangerous than others, whether this exposure is to direct or passive smoking, [4] where it was found that hookah smoking is linked to low birth weight , [2] and smoking tobacco increases the risk of pregnancy loss, premature birth, some congenital anomalies, and some placenta problems. [5]
  • Smoking during pregnancy raises the risks that can affect the child after birth, such as sudden infant death syndrome, colic, asthma, and obesity during childhood . Smoking during pregnancy can also affect the development of emotional skills, behavior, and the ability to learn in the child, as it It can affect the fertility of the child in the future, in addition, passive smoking increases the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, and congenital malformations , so smoking must be stopped to give the fetus the right to start a healthy life. [5]
  • Smoking hookah raises the risk of infertility, [2] and reduces the fertility of both men and women, just as it increases the risk of pregnancy outside the womb. [5]
  • Because hookah smoking is considered a social habit in which one hookah is shared among several people, hookah smoking increases the risk of spreading infection diseases [3] , [4] such as tuberculosis , hepatitis, and others. [4]
  • Smoking accelerates the aging of cells and exacerbates the formation of wrinkles, because nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the skin, and reduces the oxygen and nutrients the skin needs, such as vitamin A, and tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 substances that destroy collagen and elastin The skin, which gives the skin strength and elasticity, thus causing the onset of wrinkles . [6]

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