great story

great story

In one of the countries there was a prince, and this prince was living in a palace, along with his wife and young child, and they owned a loyal dog that marveled at his relationship with this prince and his family; since this dog has a special place in the prince’s heart, he treats him like his family, and considers him a loyal friend who goes with him to All trips and places even when fishing.

One day, the prince's wife died suddenly. The prince was saddened by the most sadness, and he decided after a period of her death to go out on a hunting trip to forget his sorrow and start a new beginning, but he was confused about his child, so where would he put it? And who will trust him to take care of his son? He chose his loyal dog because he is the most worthy of this task.

The prince went on his journey, but he did not enjoy it because his dog friend does not accompany him as he always did, and because he is worried about his only son with the dog, he decides to return early to his home. When the prince approached the house, the dog came to him from afar, running and howling heavily, and the dog was covered in blood !! The prince was terrified and started crying out for the dog. What happened? what happened ? And the dog jumps around.

The prince ran to the house terrified and rushed to his child’s bed and found him empty, and all the covers and the house were stained with blood. He only felt angry and remorse because he left the child with the dog without human care, so he started crying and collapsed.

During his crying, he heard the sound of his young child, so he got up from his place and rushed to find him, and found him in the next room playing on the floor with a wolf-like animal lying on the ground covered in blood, then he learned that his child was still alive, and he did not die.

The prince continued his crying remorse for what he had made and knew that the dog did not kill his child but killed the wolf he tried to eat, so he quickly rushed to save his dog and found that he had died, and since then the prince has never smiled, and he has lived sadly and remorsefully over his wrongdoing to his best friend

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