Doaa Umrah


  • 1 The ruling on Umrah
  • 2 supplication of Umrah
  • 3 Umrah works
  • 4 Ihram prohibitions
  • 5 The wisdom of the legality of Umrah
  • 6 The merits of Umrah and Hajj
  • 7 The virtue of Umrah in Ramadan
  • 8 The guidance of the Prophet in Umrah
  • 9 References

Umrah ruling

The scholars are unanimously agreed that Umrah is legal in Islam , and that it is only once in a lifetime, and that it is obligatory for the scholars to disagree. due even years, and this is the view of Imam Malik and Abu Hanifa , and one of the sayings of Shafi'i and Ahmed said by most of the scholars and taken by Ibn Taymiyah , [1] and reportedly telling another that Umrah is obligatory upon Alavaqa not answer the Mecca. [2]

Doaa Umrah

A Muslim should frequently mention God - the Most High - and pray with what God has prescribed, and the supplications that are said in Umrah include the following: [3]
  • It is permissible for a pilgrim to meet before reaching the Sacred House and after entering ihram from the meeqaat, while making sure to multiply it, by saying: (may God bless you, your door, your partner, your partner does not belong to you, your praise and blessings and no blessings) . [4]
  • It is permissible for a Muslim to praise, enlarge, and cheer before entering ihra for the minor pilgrimage, and it is permissible for the circumambulation to begin with takbeer: It was proven from the hadith of Abdullah bin Abbas, may God be pleased with him (that the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, circled the house while he was a camel, whenever he came to the corner, he referred to him with something in his hand) . [5]
  • The Umrah performs to say between the black stone and the right-hand corner: (May God give us good deeds in the world, and in the Hereafter the good, we will punish the torment of fire) . [6]
  • Enacted for the pilgrims if the pursuit was, specifically when standing on a mountain of Safa and Marwa to read the words of God Almighty: (Safa and Marwa of the rites of Allah it pilgrimage to the House or Umrah is not wing it around with them and volunteered good, Allah Shaker Knowing) . [7]
  • Narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him , he called upon Safa said: ( There is no god but Allah alone with no partner, to Him praise and He over all things, there is no god but Allah alone, fulfilled His promise, and the slave, and defeated the parties alone ) . [8]
  • The Muslim is keen to pray in the circumambulation and the pursuit of the supplications of the Prophet and what he wants of the supplication, and he recalls the remembrance of God Almighty and reads the Noble Qur’an. God: "It is desirable for him in the circumambulation to mention God Almighty and call him what is prescribed, and if he recites the Qur’an secretly, there is no harm in it. People from a specific supplication under the gutter and so on: there is no basis for it.

Umrah works

Umrah is achieved by doing many of the so-called Umrah rites , and it is explained as follows: [9]
  • Doing ghusl when reaching the meeqaat, and a man is allowed to wear perfume in his body without the ihram garment, and if the woman is menstruating, it is desirable for her to do ghusl as well, and if it is not easy to do ghusl at the meeqaat, there is nothing wrong with that.
  • The pilgrim stripped the man of all the sewn clothes, he wore a garment and a dress, while the woman wore normal clothes without covering her face and her hands, and without being dressed in fame or adornment.
  • The intention to enter the Umrah to perform the tongue and the heart, to receive the black stone upon arrival at the house, to receive it with the right hand, and to kiss it, if possible, without competing with others.
  • The circumambulation around the Kaaba is seven steps, with the house being made to the left, and it is desirable to accelerate in walking and the proximity of the steps in the first three stages for men without women, as it is desirable for them to be constrained in all stages at the circumambulation of arrival , while making sure to increase the supplication and remembrance, and it is worth noting that it is not correct Assigning circumambulation with a specific supplication.
  • Praying two rak'ahs behind the maqam if possible, or anywhere in the mosque, then going to the Black Stone after the completion of the prayer.
  • Going to Al-Safa and standing with it or advancing it, and it is preferable to be uplifted, and it is desirable to receive the qiblah , praise be to God Almighty, enlarging then walking to Marwah, speeding up the position of rushing for men without women, then advancing on the Marwah and doing what he did on the safa, then walking up to the safa, Repeat the quest between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah until seven runs, going one way and going again another.
  • The man shaved his head or shortened, and it is better to shave, but the woman takes from her hair as much or less.

Ihram prohibitions

There are many things that the pilgrim cannot do, including what concerns men, such as covering the head or some of it, but if he shade with a tree or a wall without touching his head, there is nothing wrong with that, and it is forbidden for him to wear stitched and dyed that smells, and for prohibitions of ihraam for women It is: wearing the niqab and gloves, and it is desirable for her to drop on her face so that men do not see her, and what is forbidden to the forbidden in general; Or help a person to catch it, but fishing from the sea is permissible, and it is also forbidden to run That's intercourse with his wife or kiss lustily, whether at night or day, and did it so he has committed a sin and he had to slaughter a sheep distributed to the poor of the Haram. [10]

The reason behind the legality of Umrah

God, the Almighty, has initiated Umrah as a way to honor the Sacred House, worship God Almighty, glorify the pure places, and honor the Holy Bekaa, since Mecca is the place of the travelers and a place where Muslims gather from every place. God has permitted the Muslim to perform Umrah in all days of the year as a mercy for His servants, and to be acquainted Between people and achieving interests throughout the year. [11]

The virtue of Umrah and Hajj

There are many virtues of performing Umrah , including: [12]
  • Expiation of sins and the removal of poverty.
  • Erase sins and bad deeds.
  • Receive the reward for jihad for the sake of Allah by performing the Hajj.
  • Entering Heaven is a reward for a valid Hajj.
  • Hajj is considered one of the best deeds for Allah after jihad and faith.
  • Umrah is considered an expiation for what a Muslim commits between sins and sins without sins. [13]

The virtue of Umrah in Ramadan

The scholars mentioned that Umrah during Ramadan equals an argument, whether it is at the beginning of the month, at the end, or in the middle of it, except that the last ten days of Ramadan have an advantage over other days, and scholars have indicated that the preference of time has a relationship in favoring good deeds. [14]

The guidance of the Prophet in Umrah

The Prophet performed Umrah - upon him prayers and peace - four times. The first was Umrah Al-Hudaybiyyah, when the polytheists repulsed it, and he slaughtered, shaved, and dissolved, and the Umrah of the judiciary, which was in the next year after the Hadibah’s peace, and the Umrah that he compared with the Hajj, and his Umrah with Ja’ran, and the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, did not perform the Umrah. Twice in the same year, and all his age was in the most famous pilgrimage . [15]

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