Chat the best words

The chat is a way to spend free time and get rid of some boredom. Through a phone or computer screen, the individual opens to society, and he learns many things easily and easily.

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Through this chat, people exchange a lot of phrases, sayings, wisdom, and experiences that express the opinion of their owners in a beautiful and creative manner. We will mention to you in this article the most beautiful and sweet words that people circulate through the chat.

The sweetest words

  • Love is blind (Plato).
  • Love is a rose and women are thorns. This is how Schopenhauer described love and showed that a rose does not become a rose without a thorn; therefore, he likened the woman to the thorn of love.
  • Love is madness. Shakespeare told us that love is madness, because love does not become love without madness.
  • Love is not an Eastern novel with its conclusion marrying heroes (Nizar Qabbani).
  • The woman takes the path of slaves, to prevail over the man, and the man takes the path of masters, to be enslaved by the woman (Gibran Khalil Gibran)
  • It is not love that torments us, but whoever we love tortures and destroys us.
  • Whoever loves is forever saved, this saying is never true.
  • He who is insane without love is crazy, and he who is insane with love is sane.
  • A tear flowing and a candle that turns out, and the life without you disappears, and without you my heart ends.
  • The passion of the beloved in the heart shines the age brighter.
  • The heart is not hard, and the mind is unforgettable, and life without a beloved is not settled.
  • Send me messages even if it is white paper, just touch your hand.
  • Do not ask me to forget because there is a tear that fell from me in one of the oceans, so if they can take it out, I promise to forget you.
  • I am friendly to your generation, I am crossed and I cross all seas of fear, but everything against me is my luck, the world and the circumstances.
  • O letters teach her and remind her how my heart melted in it.
  • According to the timing of longing for your lips, it is now time for my kiss.
  • Message has no word I love you and God is a loss.
  • The eye has not forgotten you, and the heart will not see you, and if the days do not unite us, memories gather us.

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