Benefits of exercise on the digestive system


  • 1 Sports and the digestive system: between benefit and harm
  • 2 Sports and gallstones
  • 3 Sports and cancer
  • 4 Sports and proper digestion
  • 5 other benefits

Exercise and the digestive system  : between benefit and harm

Sports are many benefits on the digestive system, but excessive exercise sports and a lot to do physical effort has negative effects and disadvantages on that device
As for the harms, most of them are temporary and their effects end with the end of the exerted effort, including the feeling of excess acidity
Dyspepsia and gastric reflux
Digestive bleeding
As for these disorders, it was found that their cause is an increase in movement in the muscles of the digestive system and an increase in disorders of the normal state of the digestive system molecules during the movement of the body.
And it is advised to avoid these temporary illnesses by increasing fluid intake before exercising and avoiding the consumption of some drugs for rheumatic pain.

Benefits of exercising and regular physical activity

Sports and gallstones

Exercise reduces the risk of gallstones, as any regular physical effort is made, accompanied by a decrease in the secretion of yellow juice from the liver, and exercise increases the speed at which the juices pass and exit toward the duodenum. In addition, there is an effect of exercise on the regulation of lipids in the blood and the blood sugar diet, which reduces the opportunity to form stones

Sports and cancer

It reduces the chance of colon cancer, as exercising reduces the amount of food spent while passing through the digestive system, which reduces the chance of carcinogens sticking to the digestive system

Exercise and proper digestion

Exercise is one of the best means for healthy digestion, and doctors are advised to do it daily for a period of no less than half an hour, as it leads to combating constipation and weight loss, and exercise increases the amount of digestive enzymes that help digest food better and reduces the chances of indigestion

Other benefits

Exercise regulates human appetite
Reduces the incidence of gastric ulcers
It helps to take advantage of all the elements that a person eats

It should be noted that blood circulation directs blood to the digestive system after eating in order to aid in the process of digestion and absorption, and doctors advise practicing some simple exercise exercises such as walking after eating, but severe and violent sports should be delayed somewhat until food is digested well

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