Beautiful verses

Verses hair beautiful

Poets compete from ancient times to this day in writing and spreading the finest verses of poetry and the most powerful and most reliable and most eloquent and beautiful in the description, and the many beautiful poetic verses that poets presented to us since ancient times, and here we gathered for you dear reader separate verses of the most beautiful
Salah is your command for morals, so straighten the soul with morals
Rather, the nations have morals for what remains, then they have gone their morals gone
And who himself without beauty does not see a beautiful thing in existence

If you wish to receive all the beauties, then in the face of those who love all the beauties
If you have an opinion, then be determined, then the corruption of opinion is to hesitate
Love goes with all the differences and loves the blonde and the brown
If you see your beauty in the future, and your right, my soul, I drink without drinking
Transfer your heart where you like it, love is only for the first love
Your eyes are dying of hearts, they are either wounded or killed.
Entice me to love you, kill me, and that no matter how hard you do, the heart does
And if the people are hurt in their morals, establish a funeral and lamenting
You are the bliss of my heart and the torment for it, as I command you in my heart and your dreams
And whoever fears going up the mountains lives forever between the pits
And what is good for a boy to honor if he is not in his actions and creatures
And from his ignorance of his destiny, others see what he does not see
And outlines so distorted do not see eye - loving Habiba Hohae
Beauty is not a garment that adorns us. Beauty is the beauty of science and literature
I have a passion for you in my heart, the blood of life to my veins
O complainant and what is wrong with you be beautiful you see existence beautiful
And I like to sleep at the right time, perhaps to meet in a dream
Were it not for the passion, he would not be afflicted on earth, but dear lovers
The language of speech was broken and I addressed my eyes in the language of love with you
I complain about the love to you, accept my passion and if I complain about the rock of slavery and burn

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