Al-Zeer Salem's hair

Zeer Salem

  • Al-Zeer Salem or Al-Muhallal Bin Rabiah is one of the Arab poets. His name is Uday bin Rabiah bin Marah bin Habirah from Bani Jishm, from Thalbib, Abu Laila, and Al-Muhalhal.
  • Al-Muhalhal was one of the Arab heroes in the pre-Islamic era of the people of Najd. He is the uncle of the poet Imru Al Qais.
  • The poet was called Al-Muhallal, because he was the first to cheer the hair weave , that is, to thin it.
  • He devoted himself to having fun and rejuvenating women , so his brother called him Kulayb (Minister of Women), which means their babysitter.
  • His hair is characterized by a high class

Of his beautiful poems

Minister Abu Laila, who is sleazy, says
The heart of the minister is tough, not following us
And because the iron is not because the heart

And my heart is of iron Qassina
His mother wants to be original
What you know what they did in us
Seven years have passed by me
I fell asleep mournful and sad
I like the night, I mourn the clip
I say maybe he will come to us
His daughters brought me cry and mourn
Today, we are confused
Your brother's eyes were absent from us
Our children are orphans
Today you are, uncle
We have no other than you
I blew the sword in the face of the dove
And I told her in front of those present
And I told her what you say
I am your uncle, the fearful guardian
Like the seven in the shocks of a people
Turn them north with right
Tread my O Yamamah over my head
Shashi if we have forgotten
If it took place with them
We crushed them and we were crushed
I fight them on the back of his mother
Abu Hajlan absolute hands
Make the dowry pigeon stiff
I wear a solid saddle back

Poetic verses by Minister Salem after his brother was killed

Did my eyes hurt my mind?
Calm down, tears pouring down
And the night became inclusive of us
As if the night has no day
And I'm even watching Gemini
One of the earliest approaches a decline
I spend my eyeballs after a people
The countries varied with them, so they raided
I cry and the stars are informed
As if the seas did not contain it
Who is it to be called and alive?
The horse is covered with dust
I invited you, Clip, but you did not answer me
How the wasteland country answers me
Answer me, O clip of defamation
The souls of souls have a shrine
Answer me, O clip of defamation
She was dismayed by her knight Nizar
Legs of Ghaith, you were sick
And he left when he sought the left
After you stop my eyes to stop
As if turning a little bit has a code
And you were dreaming about men
Pardon them and have power
And prevent a tongue from touching them
Afraid of those who rent or not
I was counting a profit near you
If the profit is returned the traders
Do not be away, all will be thrown
People turn around
A person lives with his father’s children
And is about to become so that they became
I see the length of life he has taken over
The loaned object may also be taken away
It is as if the obituary was mourned
Flying between the two sides of the spark
I was turned and my eyesight was blurred
The mustache also turned the drug
I asked the neighborhood where they buried it
And they said to me, In the most distant neighborhood, there is a house
I went to him from my country quickly
Sleep flew, and the decision declined
And I stopped talking about the shadow of a grave
It contains the honor and the pottery
I have a wonderful homeland that he never wages
There was no shame in him for people
Hey, clip, go with me if
Funky people flee to escape
Hey, clip, go with me if
The flesh of the people is sharpened by the labia
I say to overcome and glory in it
I provoke them so victory
My brothers followed and went on to order
He must follow the red people
Take a firm covenant on my age
Leave everything home
I am not a slave of shield and a sword
Until the night falls

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