5 secrets that always make you smile


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  • 2 5 secrets that always make you smile
  • 3 health benefits of a smile
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The truth of the smile

The smile is considered one of the many languages ​​of the body, and it is a means of communication between people, it is a non-verbal means, it is a physical language that mimics the heart and heart, and it is less than laughter and its best, and it is with a little relief in the lips, and the emergence of a bit of teeth, and a smile on its simplicity and ease has a great impact on Winning the hearts and guidance of others, because it is the tool that the individual uses to express his feelings and feelings. [1]

Islam encouraged a smile because it strengthens the bonds of affection, love and interconnection between individuals in Muslim societies. It reduces the pain and concerns of the soul, and it shows the good treatment issued by the person, and indicates the goodwill he carries, and the great companion Jaber bin Samra, may God be pleased with him, was asked: (Were you sitting with the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him? He said: Yes a lot, he did not rise from his prayer in which he prays the morning until the sun rises, and if it rises, he rises, and they speak and they take the matter of ignorance, so they laugh, and he smiles, may God’s prayers be upon him, 2) ] Ibn ' Uyaynah says: (joviality catches Affection, righteousness is easy: free face, and soft talk). [3] .

5 secrets that always make you smile

Ibrahim al-Fiqi mentioned a group of secrets that make an individual always smiling in the face of others if he knows these secrets and is familiar with them, which are: [4] [5]
  • Getting reward and reward : The Prophet , may God bless him and grant him peace, urged Muslims to smile in the face of each other, and to meet with love, affection, and fluency in the face, in order to obtain reward and reward from God, the Most High, and He said: (Do not despise something known, even if your brother received a face of divorce) , [6] Al- Albani narrated in Sahih Al-Jami ’that the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - said: (Your smile in your brother’s face gives you charity) , [7] so Muslim smiling in the face of others is following the example of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. And his most smiling companions, Abdullah bin Al-Harith, may God be pleased with him, says: (I have never seen anyone more smiling than Rs. And God bless him and grant him peace).
  • Body health : that the human face contains 80 muscles, and when he smiles, he uses only 14 muscles, and these muscles are linked to mental cells in the human brain, where they lead to relaxing the facial muscles, and thus relax the brain that works to relax the whole body, and increase the amount of adrenaline in The body, which plays an important role in increasing the strength of the human immune system. Repeating a smile, it gives the person health and psychological stability , and reduces depression cases that may affect him as a result of the difficulty of life and its pressures.
  • Communicating with others and winning their affection : There is a Chinese proverb that says: (He who does not improve the smile, should not open a shop), this proverb shows the importance of a sincere smile stemming from the heart in attracting others to the person and obtaining their love, as it shows the purity of the heart and its purity, unlike the smile The artificial one that denotes the existence of malice and cunning and deception behind it, because when a person encounters the other side with a smile, this pushes the other to meet the smile with another, and by doing this he has created an atmosphere of love and tolerance, says Voltaire: (The smile dissolves the ice, disseminates the satisfaction, and delivers Surgeon, it is the key to relationships Net) Saniyah
  • Leading others : Shakespeare says: (To make a path with a smile is better than to break with a sword), and a smile is an infectious act, so when the other person sees a smile, he will quickly exchange that smile for another that reflects on his comfort with him, if he does not do so from the first time, The person repeats the smile whenever he sees it, and this is called leadership in the smile . That is because the repetition of the smile many times in front of the person makes him affected already, and begins with a smile, which means that he began to harmony with the other party, and this smile is known to Chinese scholars as the internal smile that generates acid in Body a A man called acid (Algalaykojin) which has a very important role in the health of the members of the human body, makes His presence work better.
  • Trust in God and thank him for his grace , because in his life a person is exposed to many pressures facing him, and a lot of problems that hinder his path of success, so if he is a believer in God’s judiciary and his destiny and his trust in Him, then he will be patient and face these tribulations, and strive in the way of success and excellence that he wants, and goes Smiling, optimistic, away from grimaces, and frowning, who brings him diseases that are indispensable; such as diabetes, pressure, heart disease, tension, anxiety, etc., a person’s smile when facing difficulties means that he seeks success in the world and the hereafter, and that his patience on his ordeal will lead to his true victory Which is now Goodness, there is permanent true happiness, the happiness of the world and its pleasure is short and limited, and therefore, despite everything, he is smiling.

Health benefits of a smile

Smiling has many benefits for the individual, including physical and mental health, including: [8]
  • The smile keeps the human psychological, nervous and physical health.
  • A smile helps lower blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation in the human body.
  • A smile strengthens the body's immune system, which works to strengthen the body in fighting many diseases.
  • The smile has a positive effect on the heart's functions and work, as well as all the functions of the body's organs, including the work of the brain.
  • Smiling is an important preventive treatment for mental illnesses that afflict a person as a result of life's difficulties . It removes anxiety and stress.
  • The smile relaxes the muscles, improves the heartbeat, and reduces arterial tension.

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