15 daily habits of the human mind

The concept of mind habits

  • It is the ability of a person to confront problems through the ability to make decisions in decisive situations.
  • They are the actions of the mind and its behaviors, and they are translated by our actions, behaviors and our reactions to see the functions and habits of the mind.

Important habits the human mind must take

  • Perseverance and persistence in the accomplishment of tasks; consequently, the mind prompts you to stick to your goal, and to search for ways to reach it, not to abandon it.
  • Emotion Control: Take your time to think before acting or making any decisions, then act calmly.
  • Listening with compassion and understanding: Try to understand others, and devote your mental energy from thoughts and opinions to another person, broad until you realize many points through your point of view and emotions.
  • Think flexibly: look at it another way, and be able to change perspectives and create alternatives while reconsidering them.
  • Think about what you think: get to know everything you know, and realize your own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and their impact on others.
  • Focus on accuracy: check again, always do your best, set clear standards for yourself, and constantly check them to improve what you have.
  • Apply what you knew previously: Use what you learn to gain knowledge.
  • Questioning and asking problems: By setting strategies and verifying them for solving problems and implementing the required information.
  • Communicate and think clearly and accurately: Be clear, always broad to communicate and avoid generalizations.
  • Collect information using all the senses: Use all of your natural paths through which you can collect information by touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight.
  • Creativity, Imagination and Innovation: Try in a different way to generate new and innovative ideas.
  • Taking risks into consideration: Be adventurous and always try to come up with new ideas
  • Create a sense of humor: Laugh a little as a bit of change
  • Brainstorming: Be able to work and learn from others with one team spirit.
  • The door to knowledge remains open to the continuity of science and education. Let us humble and admit that we do not know and learn from the experiences of others +.


The human mind performs many habits on a daily basis, and every habit usually differs from the other in terms of its description, functions, and goals, just as habits of the mind define the ability of the human being and his awareness to solve and confront problems of all kinds, through the individual making decisions that are specific to critical situations, and to show you what they are Habits and functions of the mind We will mention to you some of them such as: controlling emotions; when a certain thing occurs, the mind begins to think, and then this leads to the individual realizing the decision that might be appropriate, and then leads the individual to do the behavior, in addition to the accuracy, it is considered one of the habits of the mind, And What is the question and asking problems are the best habits of the mind, because the percentage of error in decision-making is weak compared to other habits and functions of the mind, and there are many functions that were not mentioned, such as the use of the mind in creativity, imagination and innovation, in addition to collecting information using the senses and perceiving them By reason.

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