Words of sadness


Sadness is a person’s feeling of dissatisfaction as a result of several problems he faces in his life, whether it has fallen within his will, or against his will, and these situations leave an impact on the soul of its owner, and its impact varies from person to person according to the conviction and thinking of the same person, and his view of life, for example The person who believes that this life is a house of affliction, and that it is a premeditated mortality does not grieve at the size of a person who does not carry in his heart the slightest idea of ​​life and its true concept, so when the distressed realizes the true meaning of life, many dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled by God’s will Almighty, and he will not be sad for not having this or that, but C. Wen assured measures of God, it was narrated from Abu Abbas Abdullah bin Abbas , may Allah be pleased with him: I was behind the Prophet peace be upon him one day, he said:(I was behind the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, one day, he said, O boy, I teach you words: may God protect you, save you. Something that God had written for you, and if they agreed to harm you with something that did not harm you except with something God had written for you, (the pens were lifted and the newspapers dried up)) . [1]

Words of sadness

Do not be sad, perhaps it is very difficult not to be sad, because you are in the world , and the world has been written in which we have misery, for everyone who suffers from this world must be miserable, do not be sad, and I will not be sad, because I am a traveler, have you seen a traveler who cares about the village he passes on ?! I will not carry my sustenance above my back, because God sponsored him, until my life God spared him, I will not fear an enemy, nor disease, and nothing. Whenever the time comes, there is no choice. I will not be sad if someone feels against me, so our Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, before the soul blew his opponent Satan was his enemy, there are those who Iedak for printing not Tabek, and this is clearly evident appears in the following verse of Sura (While we said to the angels prostrate to Adam worshiped except Satan refused and arrogant , and was one of the disbelievers) , [2] Noah peace be upon himHe made what the people save, so the people took it sarcastically. Solomon, peace be upon him, fought the magicians, so the enemies accused him that he was from magicians, and the Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, came to unite the hearts, so accuse him of separating the hearts, so some people accuse you of what you are fighting, I will not be sad if they contend with me one, it loved me, Fiume being without him, and Lna, you will not stop daily, and you do not be sad if you fall day in poverty, you will not die even meet Rozkk estimated you of life, it is unreasonable does not carry his living over the back, but authorizes the command of God Razek , The donor, the one, the Sunday, the subjugator, mentions three basic rules: in life, there is no escape from death, and no safety N people, where no rest, this is not sad.

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