Why camel meat breaks ablution


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Camel meat

Camel meat is considered one of the meat of one of the animals whose eating is permitted for Muslims, so eating it is not obligatory or Sunnah, except that the majority of scholars differed on the necessity of ablution after eating it or not, and each group of them relied on several evidence supporting their opinion of the Sunnah or the Qur’an.

Camel meat and ablution

The scholars differed concerning the ablution of ablution after eating camel meat, and they agreed on two opinions: One of them says that ablution ablution after eating it, and one of them denies the matter. [1]

The first opinion

If eating camel meat raw, cooked or grilled with a flag, it nullifies the ablution, which is the opinion of each of Ahmed bin Hanbal, Ibn Hazm, and the opinion of the first Shafi’i, but from the Shafi’i it was chosen by each of Al-Bayhaqi, Ibn Al-Mundhir, Ibn Khuzaymah and Al-Nawawi. And it was suggested by Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Al-Qayyim, Al-Shukani and Al-Sanaaani

As for the evidence of these scholars regarding reversing camel meat for ablution, they took more than one evidence:
  • The first evidence : The noble hadeeth from the Messenger, peace be upon him: (A man asked the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and he said: O Messenger of God, did he perform ablution from the flesh of sheep? Yes, he did ablution from camel meat, he said: I pray in the sheepskins? He said: Yes . [2]
  • The second evidence : It is also an honorable hadeeth reported on the Messenger of God, peace be upon him: (The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was asked about ablution from camel meat, and he said: Make ablution from it. He said: Do not pray in camels' blessings, because they are demons, and he was asked about the prayer in the sheepskins, and he said: Pray in it, because it is a blessing) . [3]

Son said Qudaamah in his book singer: (It was narrated from Abu Abdullah, he said: in the one who eats camel meat: if he does not know is not the light, though the man had learned and heard, this is a duty; because he has learned, it is not like He does not know, nor does he know… Al-Khalal said: It was on this that the words of Abu Abd Allah were settled in this chapter.
I said: Thus says Abu Musa al - Ash'ari, and Jabir bin Samra, and scholars , Zuhair Abu Khaithamh ibn Harb, and Yahya bin Yahya, and Ibn al - Mundhir, and Muhammad ibn Ishaq, and Isaac Ben Raahawayh). [4]

The second opinion

Eating camel meat in all its forms does not invalidate ablution, which is the opinion of both Abu Hanifa and its companions, Anas bin Malik, and Al-Shafi’i in his second opinion, which is the fixed opinion on him.

As for the evidence that these scholars relied on not to deny eating camel meat for ablution, it is as follows:
  • The first evidence : What was reported about the Messenger, peace be upon him, in the noble hadith: (The last two things were from the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he left ablution from what the fire touched) , [5] and Al-Tahawi explained it in his book, and he said: “So if there is some time that goes before it, there is no time of it.” The fire, and in that meat of the camels and others, it was in his legacy that he left ablution from the meat of the camels). [6] That is, this hadith is a transcriber of the hadith of Jabir bin Abdullah, so he abrogated the rule of action with it, except that Al-Nawawi responded to this opinion, and he said: (As for the transcription, it is weak or false, because the hadith that abandons the ablution of what is from the same Special, and is presented for the year, whether it occurred before or after it). [7]
  • The second guide : a hadith which is narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him: (from Ibn Abbas , may Allah be pleased with them: but ablution which comes out rather than entering, but al - Fitr , which entered rather than left) , [8] This means talking to things that invalidate the ablution is what comes out From the body, such as urine, wind, feces, and blood for a woman, but what spoils the fast is what enters the hollow, not what comes out of it, and accordingly, eating camel meat was not mentioned as invalidating ablution.
  • Third Guide : It is narrated Tahhaawi in his book in the measurement of the provisions contained in sheep and applied to the camels, he said: (I have seen camels and sheep, both sold solution and drinking Pinhma, and the purity of Homanma, and it does not diverge their provisions in something of it. The consideration on That is, that they are in the eating of their flesh alike, as it was not ablution in the eating of the flesh of the sheep, so the same is not the same .Lord son of values on this view , he said: the owner of al - Shara had a difference between the lamb and camel meat as the difference between Mubarak and Matn this, ordered to pray in this and forbade praying in this. Vdaoy the plaintiff that the measurement of their settlement of the genus saying of those who said , (but selling like usury Allah has permitted trading and forbidden usury) , [9] and the difference between them fixed in the same command, as a difference between camel owners and the owners of the sheep, he said: (pride and vanity in acres people Lint, tranquility in the people of sheep, faith is right, and wisdom is right ( 10 ), [4] which is confirmed by Ibn Qudamah, the disciple of Ibn Qayyim.
  • The fourth evidence : that this is what was spread by al-Balawi, and Aladdin Al-Hanafi went on about this opinion in his book by saying: (What prevails over its existence, if something of that were made an event for people to fall into the heat) [11]But Ibn Hazm 's response to this view by saying: (this crap, was absent from the public companions may Allah be pleased with them washing of penetrative who does not take down with him . It was packed with affliction, and saw Abu Hanifa ablution from nosebleed . It was packed with affliction, and did not know That is the majority of scholars, and he saw ablution from the fullness of the mouth from regurgitation, and he did not see him from less than that, and this is greater than it is, with no knowledge of it. This is very much for them, and such mixing is not contradicted by the Sunnah of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, except for disobedience. [12]

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