What is adultery


  • 1 Halal and Haram
  • 2 fornication
  • 3 figurative fornication
  • 4 conditions for the fulfillment of adultery
  • 5 The punishment for adultery
  • 6 References

Halal and haram

With the multiplicity of religions, their consequences, the passage of the Apostles, and their dislocation, a set of laws and directives were created showing people’s life and guiding them, to represent divine constitutions that refer people to their Lord, teach them how to worship and fulfill their orders. And it prohibits malice, immorality, and what drives injustice, injustice, differences, injustice and corruption, because God would not legislate for people in which there is malice and does not prohibit them as pure or a good thing, and that was From what the Lord of Gloriousness Almighty described, in the honorable hadith: (O people, God is good and does not accept anything but good, and God commanded the believers as he commanded the messengers) . [1]It was unanimous for religions to prohibit and punish the perpetrator of the obscene adultery that inherits society, pests and diseases and physical and moral and material moral diseases [2] [3] .


According to the term of adultery in the language has several meanings , including the narrow and height; weight is said in the mountain if Saada rose in it, but the meaning of adultery in a Sharia term and scholars Fmtalq due to meet him Admaan a man and a woman without marriage suspicion or a valid contract would meet Alkhtanan by the insertion of the vagina vulva.

Meet the public scientists to identify as Intercourse women kisses the absence of a condition glans without suspicion Asthlal such as marriage Alambih to enjoy or king right or other than authorized where the man intercourse with women, were excluded from the definition of intercourse with a woman from her rectum to the different verb and limit the prohibition of both offenses, and in the verse ( And do not come near adultery, for it was obscene and offensive as a way) [4] Forbidding action and ugliness. [5] [6] [7]

Figurative fornication

The definition of adultery includes its prejudices and its constituents, such as looking at the forbidden, listening to the forbidden, or seeking the forbidden, or touching the body of the woman, kissing her and bringing her in her mouth, and other things that include mixing with foreigners and being alone with them illegally, and the evidence for that (the hadith of the Messenger of God) From adultery, it is inevitably aware of that, for eyes are adulterous, and their fornication is consideration, and ears are adulterous, and for adulthood are hearing, and hands are adulterous, and for adulterous adultery, and the two men adorn for adulterous adultery, and the heart wishes and desires, and the vulva believes or belies it) [8] [8]

Limit does not include non - real adultery conditional Baelag and the absence of the glans or part of them inside kisses even if it is the existence of cover as clothes it requires limit, but what has a man or a foreign woman who can not replace him without penetration , it is adultery apparent or metaphoric which requires reduction requires repentance being not met the requirement of penetration, and cause it to a certain extent adultery , plowing position to preserve the genealogies and to ward off the spread of evil and mixing with the resultant, and improves the description of these acts as small faults, which comes to him one of the indecencies Wen adultery positive to limit what came to explain Ibn Abbas , may Allah be pleased with them in their interpretation. [10] [11] [12]

Conditions for the fulfillment of adultery

Islam guaranteed justice for all people, even unjust to them, and did not make enforcement of borders and the application of sanctions an end for itself; rather, it made them self-education, politeness to society and ward off the temptation and spoilage resulting from the permissibility of the forbidden and transgression on the borders of God , and with Islam’s classification of the outrageous, the term was on it The case was achieved by departing from the circles of illusion and skepticism, and the penalties for slander with adultery were increased and the action was covered, even if explicit, unless witnessed by four trustworthy individuals. :
  • The intent of adultery with penetration, knowing that it is forbidden, and the intention of realizing something and its intention should be the presence of two elements, which are knowledge of its condition and status or forbidden and its punishment and its limits and its images, then the will of the act and the intention to achieve it and seek in its request, and when the two elements complete the elements of the first condition.
  • Kissing specifically is the introduction of the glans or the like in the female's vagina. [13]
If the two conditions come together, adultery is fulfilled and it is obligatory to stop, and if one of them contradicts, it is not obligatory to stipulate as if a man tramples a foreign woman who is thought to be his wife or vice versa. No matter how old you are, fornication is not fulfilled because the second condition has been broken.

The punishment for adultery

Islamic law recognized the punishment of the adulterer according to his condition, whether he was a virgin or a fortified garment, and ruled by stressing the fortified man. The firstborn is a hundred lashes deterring and abolishing without breaking or causing a cause, and some imams in it have a general alienation of the male from his home or his village, while the female is estranged for a night's march outside her home.

It cited the Koran penalty for adultery in the subject of verses, including: ( the words of God: the adulteress and the adulterer , scourge each one of them with a hundred lashes and take you with them compassion in the religion of Allah, if you believe in Allah and the day and witness Amabhma a community of believers) [14] This was the verse copier verse punishments of imprisonment and abuse which Sbaktaha women in Surat, while the succession owned by the same extent free investigation as stated in Sura women in much of the nation, (he says: the P they came Pfahach Half of them on the chaste women of doom) [15] [16] [17]

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