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Many people go through several sad situations during their lives, and they feel sad, distressed, and lost due to the difficult situations they have experienced. In this article we will mention some very sad phrases.

Very sad words

  • The sadness is that I meet you in the crowd of days, and weave the most beautiful stories of my life with you, and live with all their details, then the story ends with tragedy, like every story of my age.
  • The sadness is that I open up the cities of my secrets, and I live with you on the tops of the mountains, then everything collapses on my head, and I am the reason for this, why? Because sorrow is my soulmate.
  • The sadness is that I hide my life in the corridors of time, and fill my bags with my days, and put my happiness in everyone I love, then I wave a farewell to you, I have neither strength nor strength, and this is my end.
  • The sadness is that I walk with the days, with the sadness that I breathe, and my tears that I live in, my sad partner, my stolen life from a young age.
  • Sad to add to your mother's love, add to your voice, add to your perfume, addict my presence with you, then open my eyes to your absence and your departure ... Oh my cruel fate.
  • Sad to wake up to the earthquake of your departure from my life.
  • The most difficult thing is that I leave a soul and do not leave me, and your voice remains in my ears, absenteeism and your image remains in my eyes, and you leave and your breath remains in my heart, and you disappear and your spectrum remains behind me, tearing me with all your might.
  • To close my eyes and see you, to fall asleep, to see your lines and tear my eyes, and when I return to my reality I see you only with your false promises, why?
  • Why do I have to collect the remains behind you at the end of the night, I cry and weep for you, why are you the one who gave all my life for her eyes, why?
  • Sadness ... Oh, that Eid will come when I am alone, and that sadness will knock on my door when I am alone, and that most of my life will pass by me when I am alone, and no one will hold my hand, and I will write so that my voice will not come to you, not even my echo, and that I will scream so that my voice will not reach you, and that I pronounce my breath I do not see you, and to die, the news will reach you, as strangers are like other human beings.

Sad trowels

  • Was my heart hard for this abandonment to be my destiny, or was I oppressed in the sea of ​​love alone.
  • I mistake your love and you do not deserve love, you are sensitive when you call you a lover, and you do not love.
  • By asking you and please, tell me yesterday you liked me, and today you are blocking me, so early how you treat me.
  • Oh the power of your tough heart, a right that is forgotten and disguised, and becomes a negligent person, while it is inside me that grows up.
  • I am sailing with the world on a boat without a paddle, on the palm of time, and I do not know where to throw me.
  • Strange, you do not miss my voice, and you love to hear my silence, if you die with joy in my death.
  • I did not know the taste of sleep, I felt that I wanted to die, I woke up, I called, and I told my will before I die, and I would not find someone to give my will to me, to whom I give it to you, my beloved, a good person, and about your feeling taught me.
  • O years of my life is enough grief, O years of salvation, who deserves your sorrows.
  • I drew the world with your eyes, lost in it, and without you I swear that I will not betray you. I love you and protect you, my life.
  • Disgrace me once, and satisfy me one time, but don't forget me by passing it.
  • Thirsty and dunia rain, and the eye is full of eyesight, longing for you sweeter people.
  • Whoever slumbered on my chest, how I learned my treachery, was a weapon in my hand, and I became a dagger in my back.
  • The most difficult thing in this world is to sit with yourself and not find it.
  • I thought I was dear to you, but time taught me who I am, just an unknown passing passage in your life.
  • O eye, do not cry, and live the grace of forgetfulness, the loss of your tear will fall upon those who do not take it into account.
  • I will write our love on the wall of time. If we lived, we lived together, and if we died we would share the shroud.
  • I love you so much, the hands of people raise me my grave, I love you, soaked in the dust and dust of the grave.
  • O heart, poor person, you see your loved ones sold you, he says, be patient with your wound, may God release her.
  • My mistake is that I taught you that my heart is made of glass. I did not realize that he had changed your knowledge of throwing a stone.
  • Write down my sorrows, and the rule of destiny is living alone, there is no vinegar, and no friend, everyone forgot me.
  • Patience left me as you left me, I can almost see the grave and its masters, until my tears smile to my death.
  • It was I who died my branches, and my fountain dried up, I who converted the gardens of my love to my tears.
  • At this time, if you are hurt and tormented, they love you, and if you love and suffer, they forget you.
  • Oh, you take love as a game, beware you see love treachery, love does not count as a laugh, you see time as a revolving time.

sad words

  • They sneak inside us and possess our hearts, so we breathe in them and see with their eyes, we thrive in their hearts, feel their bodies, speak our letters, and without knowing they become life for us, and we discover that we have only a tool for the happiness of their hearts.
  • In the meantime of despair and misery I need your love, in these times of sadness and groans I need to contain you, in these moments of eagerness and eagerness my heart hopes for you, loves you, loves you, and my eyes are wondering whether you ever see you, and in this evening I do not need you except you.
  • Many words, dreams are drowned in pain, the spirit is awake when you sleep, many words, silence within us is in danger, the heart of the wound is broken, many words, and the sun is absent with clouds, and the letter speaks with wanderings, the words remain silent ...

Sad hair

  • Your love taught me ... to be sad
And I have been in need for ages
For a woman that makes me sad
For a woman crying in her arms
Like a sparrow ..
A woman collecting my parts
As broken crystal fragments

Teach me your love, madam
My worst habits
Teach me to open my cup
Tonight thousands of times
And try aromatherapy medicine
I knock on the door of clairvoyants
Teach me get out of my house
Comb the road pavers
I chase your face
In the rain, in the car lights ...
And chase your spectrum
Even .. even ..
In the flyers
Teach me your love
How do I wander over my face hours
In search of gypsy hair
He envies all Roma
In search of a face, a voice ...
It is all aspects and sounds

Bring me your love, madam
Sorrows cities ..
And I before you did not enter
The cities of sorrows
I never knew
That tears are human
Man is without sorrow
Memory of a human being

Your love taught me ..
To behave like boys
To draw your face ..
With chalk on the walls
And the sails of the fishermen
On the bells ..
On the crosses
Your love taught me ..
How love changes the map of time ..
He taught me that when I love
The earth stops rotating
Your love taught me things ...
It was never taken into account
I read the children's stories ..
Entered the palaces of the kings of the elves
I dreamed of marrying me
The girl of Sultan ...
Those eyes are clearer than the water of the bays
Those lips are better than pomegranate blossom
And I dreamed that I kidnapped her
Like the knights ..
And I dreamed that I would dedicate it
Pearl and coral hoops ..
Teach me your love, ma'am, what delirium
He taught me how old is going ..
And the daughter of Sultan does not come ..

Your love taught me ..
How do I love you in all things
In the naked tree ..
In the yellow dry ground
In rainy weather .. In the outposts ..
In the smallest cafe ..
In the evening we drink our black coffee.
Your love taught me to harbor ..
For hotels without names
And churches have no names
And cafes have no names
Your love taught me ..
How the night amplifies the sorrows of strangers ..
Teach to see Beirut
A woman ... an overwhelming temptation ...
A woman..wears every evening
The best of fashion
And spray the perfume ... on its breasts
For sailors and princes ...
Teach me your love ..
To cry without crying
He taught me how to sleep sadness
Like a boy with no feet ..
On the roads of (Raouche) and (Al-Hamra) ..

Your love taught me to be sad ..
And I have been in need for ages
For a woman .. make me sad
For a woman .. I cry in her arms ..
Like a sparrow ..
For a woman who collects my parts ..
Like the broken crystal fragments ..

  • My tears forced me to write
My worries forced me to cry
My heart forces me to think
Thinking makes me hurt
The pain causes me to bleed
Bleeding forces me to die
Death forces me to feel sorry
But ..!
I'm asking my self
Whose cry?
How do I cry?
And why are my tears cheaper to shed?
And the questions multiply
Answers are confused
There are many groans
Sighs increase
For whom?
I do not know
I don’t know

  • My pain, my time
You kept me from my loved ones
My best friends shocked me
My chokes are suffocated
My pain increases
Shed tears
My heart lamented
My pain summit
I only know a sad smile
The summit of my joy
I see a smile in the face of childhood
There is no truer than the innocence of children
There is no truer childhood tear
I wish a child cry when I find my mother's tenderness
I find her chest and I find honesty comfort me
In this world there are many lies
The less honesty and the greater the betrayal.

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