Verses to bring the beloved quickly


  • 1 issue of the authenticity of the presence of verses to bring the beloved
  • 2 supplications for halal provision and facilitation
  • 3 hadiths and verses about marriage
  • 4 References

Matter in the validity of the presence of verses to bring the beloved

Love is a great thing, and it has nice meanings and meanings, but a person should strive to give it to whoever deserves, as many stories have spread especially in the youth stage about love from one side, and this is because of the lack of awareness and dealing with these issues with the heart and emotion, not the mind, for marriage and engagement A great institution above Islam that would set and have legal controls that would achieve its great goals, as it is an institution that may continue throughout life and not temporarily, and it entails many responsibilities, starting from lineage, sons, offspring, reputation, intermarriage, and many others, so it should For someone who thinks about marrying with a private person Girls have confidence that this young man really deserves to be the father of her children, and he fears God in her, and bears the responsibilities incumbent on him, and is fit for her as a husband forever, so the girl must distinguish between love and admiration, and between marriage and marriage, this is another thing, and this is something else.[1]

And if the legal specifications are found in the young man, there is no objection to inviting God - may God Almighty - to make it his share, but there is no specific and specific supplication or specific verses from the Holy Qur’an or the Sunnah of the Prophet in this regard, Dr. Allama Bakr Abu Zayd - may God have mercy on him - said in his book Old and contemporary readers invented: “It is fitting to allocate without evidence by reading a verse, or surah in time, place, or for a need.” But there is nothing wrong with praying two rak'ahs to God - the Almighty - and praying in its prayer or after that God makes that person the person of creation Religion is its share in the available form, and it was said: "There is no objection to claiming this supplication, which was reported on some of the virtues: (O God, O mastermind. For is difficult arranged for me , I do the best measure), it is useful and experienced in matters of many, is also a prayer: (God also draw between the hearts of immigrants and supporters thousand between me and my servant so and so), "and thus benefit the public prayers to facilitate mattersAnd the permissible provision that will be mentioned, it is good in this regard, and the allocation of specific verses and supplications has no basis in the year, [1] [2] and here are some general supplications to facilitate and facilitate matters of marriage:
  • O Lord, grant me mercy and do not forbid me, and hide me and do not expose me, and forgive me and my fortress in this world and the Hereafter, and stop me from your dissolution of your forbidden, and enrich me with your grace from those who are except you, O Most Merciful, O mighty of honor and honor.
  • O God, grant us the husband who fears you, with your mercy, O Most Merciful, O God, grant me a good husband, pious, kind, loving, and His Messenger, successful in his life, I shall be the heart of his eye and heart, and he shall be the heart of my heart and my eyes.
  • Oh God , my surrogates guide, oh please Qaasideen, oh detector carefree, oh Farge grief , O our husband and Agnna Bhlalk for Hramk, O God , O cream , O Lord , glorious throne, have mercy on us mercy , O Most Merciful, God , I ask you in the Knowing that you are a world Bhali, Fberhmtk Lord Lord, my husband, my husband, with a good man who conceals Ali, and he shall be the eye of my eye, and I shall be the eye of God for him.
  • Oh God, grant me a good husband, a godly, kind, lover of God and His Messenger, successful in his life, I shall be the apple of his eye and his heart, and he shall be the heart of my heart and my eye.
  • Oh God, I ask you in your greatest name, that if someone asked you, I answered him, and if someone sought help from him, he helped him, and if someone sought help from him, I sought his help, to marry me, the righteous man, O Lord, the Most Merciful of the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, Most Merciful.
  • Oh God, I want to marry, and he appreciated that men would spare me, relieve them of relief, keep them for me in myself and my money, and give them livelihood and greatest blessing , and he appreciated for me a good son that made him a good creation in my life and death.
  • Oh God, grant me a good husband and make between us the best of affection and mercy, and grant us patience and dream to complete it, and make us on the platforms of light, and make me happy with him and his closeness in this world and in the paradise of pleasure, and guide us, O God, for the good and the righteous, and have mercy on your mercy
  • O God, familiar with all our situations, eliminate all our needs, overcome all our bad deeds and slips, accept all our good deeds and forgive us, and ask you, our Lord, the path of our deliverance in our lives and our hostages, O God, respondent of supplication , O helpers of those who seek help, O mercy of the weak, answer our prayers, and hurry our prayers The Most Merciful.
  • Oh God, grant me a good, pure, pious husband, here, I love God and His Messenger is successful in his life, I will be the apple of his eye and his heart and be the apple of my eyes and my heart, O God, people gather for a day in which there is no doubt, combine me with a husband who is rich in his debt, his morals and his money. He wanted something that he said to him: “Be so blessed me with a good husband and a good offspring that the eyes will recognize.”
  • O God, the comforter of Sulaiman, the harness of the whale, Yunus, and the harness of fire for our Prophet Abraham, and O Gabriel of Muhammad, I ask you to harness my husband to me, and that his evil be satisfied, O God, make my husband the apple of my eye, and make me the same eye of his eye.

Prayers for halal provision and ease of things

There are a lot of good, beneficial supplications for halal provision and making things easier and easier, and these supplications include the following:
  • (Oh God , I ask you of all goodness and later on what I learned from him and did not know, and I seek refuge in You from all the evil and later on what I learned from him and did not know, Oh God , I ask you the best of what he asks him to your servant and prophet, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of what Aaz your servant and prophet Oh God, I ask you about Heaven and what it brings near to words or deeds, and I seek refuge in You from the Fire and what is said about it from words or deeds, and I ask you to make all the judgments made for me . ) [3]
  • (Oh God, I am your servant, and the son of your servant, and the son of your nation, my forelock is in your hand, a past in your judgment, justice in your judgment, I ask you in every name that is yours to which you have named yourself, or have you revealed it to you in your book, or have you influenced it in your book To make the Qur’an the heart of my heart, the light of my chest, the sorrow of my sorrow, and my fear gone) . [4]
  • (Oh God, fix my religion for me, which is the infallibility of my command, and fix my world in which my pension is, and fix my lastness in which I have my enemies, and make life an increase for me in all goodness, and make death comfort for me from every evil) . [5]
  • (O Allah , the Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth and Lord of the Great Throne, our Lord and Lord of all things, unconformity love and cores, and the home of the Torah, the Bible and the Criterion, I seek refuge in You from the evil of all you are taking Bnasith, Oh God , you are the first not you anything, and you're the other is not after you anything, and you are apparently not There is nothing on you, and you are within, there is nothing without you, pay off the debt, and make us rich from poverty) . [6]
  • (There is no god but You, Glory be to You, because I was among the oppressors) . [7]
  • (O Allah, guide me and make me happy) . [8]
  • (Oh God, I seek refuge in You from grief and sorrow, impotence and laziness, miserliness, cowardice, debt forgiveness, and the dominance of men) . [9]
  • (O God, the King of the King, brings the king to whomever you want, take away the king from whom you want, and cherish whoever you want, and humble whoever you want, in your hand is good. Whoever except you) . [10]
  • (O God, come to us in this world in good and in the hereafter in good, and we will punish the torment of fire) . [11]
  • (Oh God, I ask you for guidance and piety, chastity and wealth) . [12]
  • (O God, forgive me, have mercy on me, calm me down, and give me peace) . [13]
  • (Oh God, with your knowledge of the unseen, and your ability to create life revive me that you learned life is better for me, and died if you learned death is better for me. It is interrupted, and I ask you to be satisfied with the judiciary, and I ask you to return to life after death, and I ask the pleasure of looking at your face, and the yearning for your meeting, in the absence of harmful harm, and no misguided temptation, O God, adorn us with the adornment of faith, and make us God . [14]
  • (Lord, do not excuse me alone, and you are the best of inheritors) . [15]
  • (Lord, when you brought me poor and good to me) . [16]
  • (Our Lord, grant us from our wives and offspring the eyes of the eyes of the eyes of us, and make us to the righteous imams). [17]

Hadiths and verses about marriage

Islam made marriage contract one of the big contracts, because of its great importance, and the hadiths and verses that talk about marriage include the following:
  • It was narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah - may God be pleased with him - on the authority of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - who said: (Three are right for God, their help: the Mujahid is in the path of God, and the offices who want to perform, and the marriage who wants chastity). [18]
  • (Four of happiness: a good woman, a spacious house, a good neighbor, and a quiet boat. Four misfortune: a bad neighbor, a bad woman, a bad boat, and a narrow house) . [19]
  • Said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (I was with Abdullah, Vlekaya Othman in Mina, he said: O Abu Abdul Rahman said you need me then leave, Osman said: Do you , O Abu Abdul Rahman that married you a virgin, reminding you of what you promised? When Abdullah saw that no need for this pointed out to me , he said: O Alqamah, Vanthat to him , he says: but while I said, I've told us the Prophet peace be upon him: O young you could Alabap Fletzoj And he could not fast , for it came to him). [20]
  • The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “After the piety of God Almighty, the believer does not benefit from a righteous wife . [21]
  • The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (Marry the affectionate and the affection, for the prophets will multiply on the Day of Resurrection). [22]
  • The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Whoever marries, has completed half of faith, so that God may fear in the remaining half.” [23]
  • (Aoun has the right to marry someone who has sought marriage because of what he has forbidden . ) [24]
  • (The marriage is from my age, so whoever does not work with my age then it is not from me, and you marry, for I will multiply the nations among you, and if he is tall, then let him not, then let him not, for it is not true . [25]
  • He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “If those of you who accept his religion and his morals come to you, then marry him, unless you do, there will be discord on the ground and corruption. They said, O Messenger of God, and if he is in it, he said: If he comes to you who will satisfy his religion and his morals, then do it three times .” [26]
  • The Almighty said: (And from His signs that He will create wives for you of yourselves, that you may dwell in them, and make affection and mercy among you for me . ) [27]
  • The Almighty said: (Here is a dress for you, and you are a dress for them) . [28]
  • The Almighty said: (He is the one who created you from one soul, and made her her husband to dwell in her) . [29]
  • God Almighty said: (O people , fear your Lord , who created you from creating one of them her husband and transmit them many men and women , and fear God , who asks by God and the womb you were an observer) . [30]

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