Valentine's story

Valentine's story

The story of Valentine's Day came from the two saints who were honored on the fourteenth of February, the first saint was living in Rome, while the other saint was living in the city of Tourni. The pagan Romans also celebrated this day as they coincided with a spring break, which expresses the concept of divine love by offering the Eucharist to the gods on February 14 in Rome. In the third century AD. 

As for Christians, Valentine's Day appeared in relation to the saints who bear the name Valentine, who lived in the beginnings of the Middle Ages. One of the saints lived in Tournai, where he was killed during the reign of Emperor Aurelian because of the persecution that Christians lived in that period. Although Valentine's Day is celebrated in relation to these saints, their lives have no romance.

As for the story of Saint Valentine, who was living in Rome, who was killed in 269 AD, he was persecuted because of his conversion to Christianity, where the Roman Emperor Claudis II summoned Saint Valentine, and they discussed each other, as the emperor admired Saint Valentine, and tried to persuade him to abandon Christianity and enter religion. Paganism, however, he refused, and he tried to persuade the emperor to enter the Christian faith, so the death sentence was carried out.

The story started when the Reverend Valentin rejected a law that was not officially approved, as Emperor Claudis II issued a decision prohibiting young people from marrying, but many accounts assumed he had issued this law to increase the number of members of his army, because he believed that married men could not They are competent soldiers, so that the soldiers are not preoccupied with waging wars. The emperor learned of the refusal of the priest Valentin, who ordered his arrest, and placed him in prison.

The accounts say that Saint Valentine wrote the first "Valentine's Day Card" himself to carry out the death sentence in it, and it is said that he liked the daughter of the jailer who was blind, worked on her recovery, and sent Valentin a short message to her and signed her saying to her: "From the Savior of Valentin to you." The death sentence was carried out on February 14, 269 AD. Therefore, he was called "Saint", and from that day on, he became associated with the concept of love, love and loyalty to Saint (Valentine) who redeemed his faith in his spirit, and it became a regular ritual to exchange red roses, and cards that contain pictures (Cupid), and it is in the form of a child who has two wings carrying Crossbow. Cube was considered the god of love by the Romans, and they worshiped him without God!

One of the occasions that the world celebrates on the fourteenth of February of each year is Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day, or what is called "Saint Valentine's Day." Especially within the English-speaking countries, and this day is considered one of the symbolic days during which lovers express their love by offering red roses in addition to offering candy and holiday cards.
Also, this day is closely related to romance, love and passion. Writers of the Middle Ages created creative expressions of their love on this day.

On this day, cards that bear the shape of an angel of love or what is called "Cupid" are exchanged in the form of a heart, or in the form of a bird, and therefore cards exchange spread widely in Britain in the ninth century, as well as in America. The statistics that the Trade Association for Greeting Card Publishers in the United States of America indicates that a billion cards are traded on Valentine's Day in all parts of the world, which makes Valentine's Day ranked second in relation to the number of cards that are traded in the world after Christmas.

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