The prayer of need prayer


  • 1 The need for God Almighty
  • 2 Prayer and supplication of need
  • 3 legal means to meet the needs
  • 4 References

The need for God Almighty

In the Noble Qur’an the words of God Almighty said: (O people, you are the poor to God and God is the praise rich) , [1] where the verse indicates the need of the people in general, and the extreme lack of God This includes all people, the insured , the unbeliever , the righteous and the ungodly alike. This need includes all aspects of their lives, starting with finding them, and charity of their creation on the sound body that enables them to live and earn, and the evidence for that is the words of God Almighty in his noble book: (They create you in the wombs of mothers You are created from after creation) , [2]As well as to keep the human race, and keep it, God Glorified and Exalted is capable of human depreciable, and go out, and replaced by creating another, and evidence that the words of God Glorified and Exalted in the Holy Qur'an: (if want Ivhbkm O people , and come with others) , [3 ] And among the manifestations of the need of people to God - the Almighty - also their need for guidance and guidance, without God - glory and majesty - no one prayed, and no one fasted, nor did Abdullah right to worship him. [4] [5]
After converting to Islam, a person also needs to help in steadfastness , adhere to the religion of God, and this is only for the servant with God’s affiliation with him, and to establish him on it, and he needs God - the Most High - in sustenance from food and drink, in clothing and clothing, and in the health of the body, And in the well-being of the body, and in the provision of the necessary treatment for him in the event of his illness, and he also needs to reform his children and husbands, and to preserve the country and the homelands from all evils and corruption, and in the integrity of religion, and in obtaining knowledge and certainty, and he is in a state of lack and permanent need, and it is consistent with him at all times, In all his movements and dwellings, the surviving winner is the one who recognized his need for God Almighty, and was blessed In it, he performed the worship truly, and thanked God - the glory and majesty - best, but he who denied it, and denounced it, lost and perished. [5]

The prayer of need and her supplication

God Almighty instructed the Muslims in the Holy Qur’an to seek patience and prayer in all their affairs, and the evidence for that is the words of God Almighty in his Noble Book: (Seek patience and patience) , [6] and the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, was important. What was used by God in his prostration , or at the end of his prayers, and the evidence for that was in the noble hadith: (The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, if his party was a matter, he was afraid to pray) , [7] The Messenger - may God bless him and grant him peace - directed who he was his need for Muslims to the penis , and up two rak'ahs to God Glorified and Exalted calling for a particular prayer of , please be Aa God Almighty Ye need, has been named scientists reported how in the modern prayer need, in an interview withThe Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, also mentioned her character and supplication, [8] [9] The scholars differed on the permissibility of working with the aforementioned hadeeth, because they differed in its veracity, and some of them see that it is not permissible to work with it, because in its chain of command is Faid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Kufi, who narrated On the authority of Abdullah bin Abi Awfi, and he is left with them, and some of them see the permissibility of working for two reasons: the first of them is that the hadith has evidence and ways to be strengthened by it, and the benefit of his hadith is written with them, and the second is that the aforementioned hadith is considered a matter of the virtues of business, and it is permissible to work with a weak hadith if it indicates The virtues of deeds are conditional upon two conditions: if it is not opposed to what is more correct than it is, and that it is under a fixed principle in the Sharia. [9]

Legal means to eliminate the needs

The human being is always in need and the lack of God Almighty, for God Almighty has legislated for him to help him in eliminating his needs, and some of these are explained: [10]
  • Obedience to God - glory be to Him - to do what He commanded, and to finish at the end of it. God has promised - Glorified and Exalted be He who obeys Him and those who worship Him in order to seek His honorable face by facilitating their affairs and fulfilling their needs, in many places in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the evidence for that God Almighty said in his noble book: (And whoever fears God will make for him a way out * and provide him from where he is not reckoned, and whoever relies on God , according to God, may God bless him) - 11 : (from pleased to pinching, pleased God in this world and the Hereafter) , [12] as indicated by And for God Almighty in the Holy Qur'an: (though the villagers to believe and fear they opened the blessings of heaven and earth) . [13]
  • Supplication to pray to God; he has told God Almighty that it is close to the slaves, answer them if they called, and hear them if they asked him, and evidence that the words of God in the Qur'an: (If my slaves asked me , I answer to the supplicant if the whisperings) , [14] As also mentioned in Al - Sharif hadith which says God Almighty in which: (O my servants, all of you are hungry except Otamth, those whom I feed) , [15] but pray for unmet requires to be on his own terms and etiquette, and the conditions to pray three; not shirk God Almighty , And not to pray sinfully or sever a womb, and the presence of the heart during the supplication, with certainty of the answer, As for the etiquette of supplication, there are many, and some of them are explained: [16]
    • Opening and concluding the supplication with praise of God Almighty, and praise him, with prayers on the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.
    • Raise hands during supplication.
    • Trust in God, insist on praying, and do not hesitate to supplicate.
    • Check the answer times, such as the last third of the night, between the call to prayer and prayer, and when breaking fast from fasting , and other places.
    • Eat halal, and avoid what God Almighty prohibited.

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