The most beautiful woman in the world

Beauty standards in the world

The characteristics and standards of beauty differ from country to country and from culture to culture, and also change with time, for example among some people, a brown woman is considered a criterion of attraction, while in other peoples the meaning of a woman's beauty is related to blonde skin and blond hair, in addition to the difference of some criteria that were common in the past, For example, the most important criteria for beauty were that the woman’s mouth be small, but in our time, the standard of beauty is the wide mouth and full lips that are exciting, while long hair has been and still is a constant standard of beauty for most people, except that in some villages of Africa where women must be Bald up The beautiful and attractive! The tall woman is the attractive and distinguished woman in America and Europe, while in China, Japan and Korea the shorter the woman, the more beautiful she is because they see her femininity and her paper! And many other different criteria.

One of the characteristics of a woman’s beauty is that she has a beautiful body, as the woman’s body is the title of femininity, seduction and beauty, and a beautiful body is considered one of the most important criteria for beauty in men specifically. There are instinctive feelings inside a man, and the woman’s body usually has a big impact on her popularity and the level of demand for it from men. Than others for flattery and spinning Even harassment.

Fixed beauty standards

The criteria that define a woman's body beauty are:
  • Beautiful neck, long and thin.
  • The appearance of the collarbones, and the greater the appearance of the collarbone, the more beautiful the woman.
  • The broad straight straps.
  • Delicate soft, flowing long arms, and delicate long fingers.
  • The chest is medium in size, compatible with the rest of the body.
  • The flat and tight abdomen, and the waist with a small, soft circumference.
  • The hip is relatively large but proportional to the rest of the body.
  • Legs tall and slim, and small soft feet.

Beauty standards for Arabs in the past

  • The job: She was the one who had a hint of beauty.
  • Alhasna: It is similar to each other in Hassan.
  • Ghanaian: is the one who dispensed with her beauty about adornment.
  • Al-Wasima: It was the one who had good standing, as if it had been marked.
  • The voucher: is from a section that has a good deal of good fortune.
  • Wonderful: she was the one who was looking at her, the horror happened.
  • Al-Baher: The one who overcame the women with their goodness.
  • Al-Nahed: It is one that came close to realizing a little.
  • Eternity: she is the beautiful young lady.
  • Behikna: She was the one who was pretty, well-naked.
  • Al-Makawra: It was the minute of the virtues.
  • Al-Kharba: it was the right kind of soft reed.
  • The wet: it is not the one who rides some of its flesh.
  • Haifa: She was the one who had a nice belly, that is, without rumen.
  • Al-Hadhim: Who was Latifa Al-Koshein?
  • Marvelous: she was from long nice waist.
  • Drums: Those who were long-necked in moderation and good.
  • Al-Warka: Who was great for the hips.
  • Al-Raddah: she was the one who was great and old.
  • Pregnancy: She was full of arms and legs.
  • Chirgaka: It is as if the water is flowing in the face of blessings.
  • Bohra: She was the one with great manners with beauty.
  • Genius: It was beautiful soft.
  • Dusting: from soft and smooth.
  • Foolishness: whoever has a good wind.
  • Sunrise: who has a good mouthwind.
  • Noses: whoever has a good nose wind.
  • Al-Rasouf: Whoever is good
  • Candles: who were playful, laughing.
  • Al-Fara'a: It was complete hair.
  • Darmaa: A person whose companion does not have a volume of fattening.
  • Du'aa: It is a very dark eye with a large eyeball.
  • Poplar: whose blackening widened as the eyes of antelopes.
  • Mild: It is the length and completeness of its labia.
  • Kohl: darkening of her eyelids, without being decayed.
  • Al-Shanab: It was the one who had good, flat, smooth teeth.
  • Frame: Properly brushing their teeth.
  • Al-Tellij: meaning to separate between its teeth.
  • Diaspora: It is what separated her teeth without defective spacing, but rather flatter and good.
  • Al-Asher: her teeth did not indicate her age.
  • Injustice: whoever had her teeth sparkle.

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