The most beautiful thing about life

There are many beautiful and expressive phrases that have a lot of judgment that we can extract from them, and we will mention here some of these phrases.

This is life

A very long time ago, the emperor was talking to one of the knights in the palace, and the emperor told the knight: Get on your horse and drag him as much as possible, and at the last point you stand on it all the lands that you ran on will become your property, so the knight rides his horse and starts as fast as he can and never stops for rest, Because as soon as he stops, the show will end, and the shadow runs and runs no matter how he feels hungry, thirsty or exhausted. He did not care about that, until his fatigue became tired and he was unable to move due to fatigue and hunger , thirst and pain.

It is true that he traveled a very long distance more than he expected, but he was dying. He is already dying, and he said to himself: Why is this so much so? Why I put pressure on myself like this? Why did I push myself to cover as much space as possible, while I am now dying and need only a little space to bury it, then the knight dies !! This is life .

We pay ourselves throughout our lives to make more money, more savings, if we cover our basic needs, we strive to meet our luxury needs, and if we cover our luxury needs we seek to cover the luxuries, if we look behind us one day we will find that we did not do anything, as if the whole life is nothing but pleasures And belongings, do a day when the horse will not help you, nor the lands of the emperor.

The most beautiful thing about life

  • The burden of all life is what I am impressed except for those who wish to increase
  • I found in life only two primary issues: beauty and truth, while beauty is in the hearts of lovers, and truth is in the arms of workers. (Khalil Gibran).
  • Life has no value unless we find something in it to fight for. Sauvage.
  • Life without religion, life without principle, and life without principle as a boat without a rudder. (Gandhi).
  • Only a life that one lives for others is a life of value. (Einstein).
  • Let's start life every day again as if it started now. Goethe.
  • Life is full of stones, so don't stumble with it, gather it, and build a ladder in it that leads you to success . (A'aidh Al Karani)
  • Life is hope, so whoever has lost hope has lost life (Plato).
  • Examine your past and present; life is made up of successive experiences from which one must emerge victorious. (Mustafa Mahmoud).
  • Do not accept the presence of dark areas in your life; the light is there, and you only have to turn the button to shine. (Muzaffar Al-Nawab)

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