The most beautiful love poems


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the love

Turning our ears, and frisk our thoughts, caressed our feelings, and woven into the finest paintings in our imagination Kmazovh musical, so we are Arabs, impelled the eloquence of speech, coo words , and the weight of verses, a council we tell him about ourselves, or leaning are based in our woes, or a platform Nsda it Btjarbna and expertise . The poem is a fine shroud, an attractive form, and a wonderful style of expression. It takes the lion's share of interest, with its different weights and types.

The most beautiful love poems

From beautiful love poems, we have chosen for you the following:

The cup reader

Nizar Qabbani
She sat and fear with her eyes
Consider my inverted cup
She said:
Oh my son .. don't be sad
Love is written on you
Hey My son,
He died as a martyr
Whoever dies on the beloved religion
Your cup of world is terrifying
And your life is a journey and wars.
You will love a lot, my son ..
And you die a lot, my son
And all women of the earth will love.
She returns as the defeated king
With your life, I have a woman
Her eyes, glory be to the idol
Its mouth is drawn like a cluster
I laughed at her music and roses
But your sky is rainy ..
Your path is blocked, dead end
The love of your heart, my son
Sleeping in an observed palace
The palace is big, my son
And dogs are guarded by him .. and soldiers
And the princess of your heart is asleep ..
Whoever enters her room is missing ..
Who asks for her hand ...
Anyone close to her garden fence is missing
Whoever tries to break her braids ...
Hey My son..
Missing ... missing
I saw .. and got very stuck
But .. I never read
A cup is like yours
I never knew my son ..
Sorrows resemble your sorrows
You can ... never walk
In love ... on the edge of the dagger
And you remain alone like the shells
And you remain sad like willow
You can never go ..
In the sea of ​​love without castles
And she loves millions of times ...
And you come back as the deposed king.

Love in the dark

Ahmed Abdel-Moaty Hegazy

I love you? My eyes say I love you
My voice says,
My long silence
And all the comrades who saw me said .. I love!
And you still do not know!

I love you when I make my smile
As a transit trail, it passes for the first time
And when I submit, then it is fast
To enter his room
And when you tell me ... water a hair
I tell him not to damage, the fear of meeting the eyes
The encounter of eyes on hair opens a door for a prisoner bird
I fear for him if he becomes free,
I fear for him if he lands on your hands,
I excluded them from them!

But in the evening I reveal
I walk on the lounges of serenity
I open the doors of my chest
My bird was shot
Anaji Zia Medina
If she dances under the bridges
I tell him ... Zia, tell my heart, for I love!
I tell him .. O Anis, the boats and the departed, answer
Why is the devotee walking alone?
Why do my arms remain in the bushes without an arm ?!
The light and shadow dazzle me up,
Feel like some shades, some dia
I feel like the city is entering my heart
As if words are said, and people are walking beside me
Tell them about my love

My darling from the countryside came
As I came one day, my love came
The wind threw us into the water, starving the naked
I fed him a piece of my heart,
I brushed his hair,
My eyes made mirrors
And I put on a golden dream, and we said we were walking,
The goodness of life is many
He takes a trail, and I take a trail
But in the evening we meet
So see my darling face
And do not speak

My darling from the countryside came
And I tell them about you even
The moon sleeps on the west
The wind settles in the heart of the trees
When I return, I tell myself
tomorrow I will tell her every thing.

The prayer of love

Ibrahim Nagy

Really I was near me
Perhaps, they are delusions

Speak the Master of the Heart
And tell me: It was not a dream

You approached me as a listener
I was conquered, and I went too far

After you and who did well
He deserted you and who I tasted

And my love! I love it
It sells you wherever you are

Speak to the master of the heart
And tell God, what are you ?!

I see deep in your mind
Majesty is like a sea

And hint in your eyes
The serenity of great mercy

You are satisfied and kissed
You are lost and deprived

In your eyes you kill
And in the smiles, forgiveness

And you are cheering the dawn
And his smile is on the horizon

And sometimes it is the river
And the sorrows of the sun at dusk

And you are the sun's heat
And you blissful shadow

And you are yesterday's experiences
And you are the innocence of the child

And you are the good fun
He defied his star fortress

And you are the best society
And you have his supreme throne

And you have everything wrong
The heart turned back to Havana

And you have all my blood
The wound thickened

And you have everything that I live
He stressed his weak intention

Your tenderness is the freshness of the world
And the grace of God is near you!

And the concerns of the heart
And in my question long

I love you, the holiest of love
And your love dear treasure

There are my dream prayers
This corner is a mihrab

With him my pain was thrown
And in it I put my head on

A wind like magic made me happy
I see with a meteor shrine

Cleanse and see me
And tore off the blocking!

I died as if I was gone
To a lord calling me

My heart is not from the ground
Not my body of mud!

Smoke and sound my senses
I cut the human worlds

I forgot the petty people
Forgiven Destiny!

Love song for a mysterious day tattooed in silver

Mohammed al-Qaisi

Mysterious day
A day starts with a tree tree
Rolling over your bed song,
Tainted with silver,
And as simple as flowers
Mysterious day
A day for your talk, and my absence in you
Wander under the walls
Day friday
Fall from the clouds of the Lord
Upon the wilderness of my soul,
And it raises secrets
Cherry splashes from the horizon of your hands
And go sailing
A day to travel
A day to play without strings
Day of the street
A day of rain, celebrate my generous vineyard
Vine extending to the rib beater
Even heartburn my days
Where I see in your eyes the beginning of my year
In this exile
Wash as filtered tears
Widan as rose branches
Nashwan was beating
And my watch kidnapped kidnapped
Here are three nights of mountain peach fever
On the edge of the earth
Eloquent glow glow, and reveal
Slavery and melted
And that missed
And it is not enough
In this exile
Night Psalms are not hidden
Nor your heart is hidden
What trees scattered above your eagerness
Oh thyme brightly pounding shine at you
What an apple
It gives a shiver sometimes
Give by the wind
What flowers scattered in your lips
Stretch out your lilac clothes
I live for the night
O my blood as he rises in me
He takes his tour now
And the meteor sing
What a café, as it brings us together in this corner
Strange to destroy you
And soon, we shake him off
Without consideration
The course narrows
And the earth is surrounded by fire
What music stems from here
From your silence and the noise of things
Oh, desert
What a horoscope and water
How do I embroider your face
In this stormy joy
With any praise, I go to the herbs
Embrace this grave horizon
Which anthem I send and surround the world
The waist was surrounded by a song
The song was surrounded by my soul
And the soul surrounds you
How do I treat this mysterious day
Its pleased
I reveal.


Eh Ismail

These are the waves of longing
You chase me
The mantle of the wind of alienation
It makes me sad
And a surgeon
And my birthday goes on travels ....
It's lights my blood lights
And stars are thirsty, spikey
A white waves angel
Like a dream
The most important thing is a sailor bird ...
Behold my soul,
Shiver secrets
In your soul
Enter the morning star
In your eyes
And read the birth of secrets!

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