The fastest way to get rid of rumen


  • 1 obesity and rumen
  • 2 determinants of body fat distribution
  • 3 ways to get rid of rumen
  • 4 behaviors and habits that help get rid of rumen
  • 5 surgeries to get rid of rumen
  • 6 References

Obesity and rumen

Obesity is a problem that affects many people, and it is a widespread problem, as it is estimated that more than one billion people are overweight, including 300 million people who suffer from morbid obesity. Fat around a number of important internal organs such as: liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines and pancreas. The accumulated fat tissue in the body, especially abdominal fat, works to secrete inflammatory cytokines that increase insulin resistance in muscle cells, in addition to that of middle obesity ( Belly rumen) N Alodabounktin secretion which works to resist diabetes, atherosclerosis and inflammation in the body (4) .

Determinants of the distribution of fat in the body

When we talk about obesity, we are not talking about a unified form of the bodies of all people with obesity, but the body shape is determined according to the distribution of fat accumulation in different areas of the body, where it is possible to accumulate fat distributed throughout the body without allocating a specific place to concentrate it, in While it is possible for fat to be concentrated in the upper part of the body, especially in the abdominal area (5) , this type of obesity is called apple (4) or male obesity or middle obesity, and fat can also accumulate in the lower body, i.e. Hip and buttocks, the latter is called pear shape or obese Females (2) , and it is also possible for these forms to interfere with one another in some obese patients (5) .
  • We can conclude from the above that sex is the first determinant of the distribution of fat in the body, where middle obesity is more prevalent in men than in women (2) .
  • Age, as average obesity increases in older men, and it increases in women after menopause (5) .
  • Moderate obesity is generally associated with body weight as it increases with weight gain (5) .
  • In women, mean obesity rises with a high level of androgens and cortisol in the blood (5) .
  • Genes, where we see a prevalence of a specific form of obesity in families (5) .

Waste disposal methods

  • Maintaining regular exercise, one of the most important is aerobic exercises, where many studies have found a direct correlation between aerobic exercise and abdominal fat disposal (4) . Examples of exercises that can be performed are brisk walking, jogging, jumping rope, biking or Stationary bike, jumping rope, and participation in aerobic classes. Stomach and stomach exercises can be done to help tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles (3) .
  • Carrying out a diet gives less calories than the body needs daily, provided that this diet provides the minimum that a person must eat from all food groups (3) .
  • The use of drinking some kinds of herbs that contribute to burning fats and losing weight, such as green tea (6) and sage (7) .
  • Modify daily behaviors and habits until we reach a healthy lifestyle (2) .

Behaviors and habits that help get rid of rumen

  • Eating slowly, as the body needs 20 minutes to reach a feeling of satiety in the brain (2) , and during this period a person continues to eat despite the sufficiency of his body, so slow eating helps the person to make the amount of his food eat less Thus, it reduces calories intake and contributes to weight loss and rumen disposal (3) .
  • Chewing food well before swallowing, as this behavior helps to make the process of eating slower, and thus helps reduce the amount of food and calories consumed (2) .
  • Eating water between meals and during eating, where eating water prevents food from eating to thirst, not starvation, as food contains water that suppresses thirst at times. Eating water reduces the feeling of hunger and contributes to feeling full when consumed during a meal (2) .
  • Begin eating vegetable vegetables low in fat before the main meal, so that it helps in the process of feeling full and working to make the intake of the main meal less (3) .
  • Avoid eating during stress or anger and find another vent for them, as tackling the problem of emotional eating can contribute to weight loss and disposal of accumulated fat in the rumen area (2) .
  • Take care to eat foods rich in fiber; they take longer to chew, which reduces the amount of food eaten, and they need more time to digest and absorb, which reduces the feeling of hunger and food, and foods high in fiber are whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes (2) .
  • A person must occupy himself with thinking about his weight and accumulating fat in his belly continuously and thinking more about health changes and their long-term impact on his health, as continuous thinking about weight affects a person with frustration and boredom and may cause him to give up his plan to lose weight and get rid of rumen, while giving Focusing on health changes gives a positive feeling, which gives the enthusiasm to continue (2) .
  • Use the expertise of a dietitian to design the appropriate diet and develop the correct stepwise steps (3) .
  • Learn the basics of healthy nutrition to be applied in practical life (3) .
It should be borne in mind that losing weight and getting rid of accumulated fat in the belly area (rumen) needs a long time, determination, persistence and continuity (3) , and that the most successful ways to reach this are the methods that adopt gradual plans in the introduction of diet and exercise and positive changes in the lifestyle The human being (2) , but in case of insisting on the rapid elimination of the rumen, all the aforementioned steps must be followed together (3) , and practice at least 10 hours of aerobic exercises per week (5) , and the difficult and illogical goals should not be set until Man avoids frustration (2) .

Surgery to get rid of rumen

Many people resort to surgical operations to get rid of obesity and rumen, but this extreme solution should not be used in the treatment of obesity except in some cases of severe pathological obesity, and these operations reduce the size and capacity of the stomach, which reduces ghrelin production and a feeling of hunger, and many lose People have a high percentage of their weight, but the effectiveness and safety of these operations depend on the person’s commitment to the doctor’s instructions after the operation, especially with regard to diet, and it is a complication of the process that can directly get inflammation, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, and in the long run a shortage of some feta can occur. Minat, minerals and some psychological problems. A person who is subject to this type of operation must remain under medical follow-up for life, and he should not be subject to it except for those whose benefit has been much greater than the amount of damage and problems that may be caused by the operation.(2) . There are alternative solutions to surgery, such as a balloon that is placed in the stomach by endoscopy or by taking a capsule, but these solutions remain temporary and do not substitute for diet, exercise and lifestyle modification to obtain far-reaching results (3) .


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