The disadvantages of green tea


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Green tea

For each of his favorite drink, and a wide group of people prefer tea in its different types and different flavors, then you find someone who has adopted drinking red tea in the evening, and another that has adopted green tea in the morning to lose weight, but we have to know that each plant has its benefits and harms, and when you drink a lot it is harmful It will come out strongly, and here we place the harms of green tea, which many of us hide. [1]

Green tea damage

The harm of green tea: [2]
  • Patients who suffer from osteoporosis and calcium deficiency diseases necessary to strengthen the bones, and women who have reached menopause, must stay away from eating green tea or reduce it significantly, because it works to absorb huge amounts of calcium from the human body.
  • Green tea affects patients with anemia (anemia) because it works to absorb the iron gained from the food needed for anemia patients.
  • Reduces the effect of drugs given to treat cancer. When you drink green tea, the effect and effect of these medications on the benefit that you should gain from these medications decreases.
  • Green tea causes those who suffer from diseases, infections and stomach ulcers.
  • Helps accumulate stones in the kidneys.
  • Pregnant women should take great care and never drink green tea because it contains caffeine that can cause miscarriage in addition to absorbing the iron needed for a pregnant woman.

Benefits of green tea

After talking about the disadvantages of green tea, we must address the many benefits that the person who consumes green tea has, it has great benefits: [3]

  • Very beneficial for heart patients, as it works to relieve pain and protect them from sudden cardiac arrest. Green tea works to reduce cholesterol in the blood, and it stimulates more cells to keep the heart and not expose it to diseases.
  • It protects those who take it from exposure to multiple types of cancer, as it contains high-quality anti-cancer drugs that protect them from exposure to cancer and protect their cells from possible damage.
  • Green tea lends it to those who drink it with a youthful spirit, avoids the features of aging for a long time, and increases human life.
  • Anyone who suffers from a massive increase in weight and suffers from the accumulation of fat and disturbing his fat, advising to drink green tea after boiling it on fire after eating meals, as it dissolves fat and prevents glucose from occurring and stops its movement in the cells.
  • Green tea increases the strength of the skin and works to protect it from wrinkles. Green tea, as it contains effective antigens, protects the skin from harmful bodies that sometimes cause cancer, as it repels it and increases immunity to it.
  • It works to protect and strengthen joints.
  • It strengthens cartilage and prevents corrosion.
  • Green tea protects bones and increases their strength.
  • It is based on reducing blood sugar and making a moderate level of glucose present in the blood.
  • It strengthens memory and fights forgetfulness, by reducing responsible secretion of asticulin and the main cause of forgetfulness disorders.
  • It works to prevent infection with Brockinson disease and this is done by the antigens that make up green tea.
  • It works to maintain the level of blood pressure in the body of those who eat it and avoid exposure to high.
  • Green tea protects the liver.
  • Green tea is an effective preventative in maintaining the safety of the person who consumes it, from catching a cold, asthma, breathing problems, and influenza.

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