The difference between Shura and democracy


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Shura in the Islamic system of government is one of the fixed foundations in Islamic rule , and it is based on taking the opinions of people of experience and knowledge in various fields that would work to advance the state and society alike to improve the life of the parish and their level of intellect, material and health, as it is based on taking ideas And the best solutions and ways to improve the nation and the state together. [1]
The Shura is a firm and firm foundation of the theory of government in Islam, and God Almighty has revealed a complete surah in the Qur’an in the name of Shura, and there is more than one verse in the Holy Qur’an on the topic of Shura, including what was mentioned in the Almighty saying: (So ​​forgive them and forgive them for anything. If you intend to trust in Allah, Allah loves those who trust in Him . ) [2]

Definition of democracy

Democracy is a Greek word originally composed of two words: the first (demos) and its meaning are general people, and the second word (Kratia) and its meaning is rule, and the meaning of democracy is the rule of people for people, or the rule of the people for the people, a idea that originated in the West to demand justice and freedom in light of injustice, tyranny and ignorance Which reigned in the West in the Middle Ages. [3]

The difference between Shura and democracy

The observer and thinker in both systems finds between Shura and democracy a great difference, and this difference appears through the following fields:
  • Source : One of the main differences between Shura and democracy is the difference in the source of each of them. Shura is Islamic divine legislation, whereby God Almighty, his Prophet Muhammad - upon him be prayers and peace - ordered Shura in the Holy Qur’an, while democracy is a human source. Europe prevailed in the Middle Ages, and democracy and demands for justice and freedom arose. [4]
  • Experience and specialization : This is a fundamental difference between Shura and democracy. The principle of Shura is based on taking the opinion of the wise from the people of specialization, experience and understanding in the various fields. Democracy has no regard for experience and knowledge, but rather consideration for the number and opinion of the majority, regardless of the efficiency of their choice and its validity or not, what is important is that the opinion of the majority.
  • References and connection : Shura is an Islamic legal principle that does not deviate from it and whose rulings do not go beyond the claim of a few or many, so the people of Shura do not deviate from the legal framework that is derived from the Qur’an, Sunnah and the purposes of the law, while democracy is a reference and a link to the majority; There is no officer but the opinion of the majority, which may contradict and contradict from time to time, perhaps the opinion of the majority was today such and that, and after that the opinion of the majority is in complete contrast to the absence of religious and moral reference, and the only link is the opinion of the majority, which may govern The corruption of financial, political, or even multiple temperaments public opinion undisciplined mob experience or knowledge. [5]

The importance of shura

Shura is of great and great importance in the life of all nations and peoples, and any nation or state seeks good, goodness, prosperity, and success in this world and the hereafter, and seeks justice, equality, pride , honor , and dignity , and loves to enjoy security, safety, stability, tranquility, and prosperity, and seeks to prevent injustice, prevent it, oppression and prevent domination and prevention Shura must be a main feature of this nation and a way of life for it, because by establishing the principle of Shura, facts are discovered, falsehood and blindness are revealed, righteousness and rightness of opinion appear, efforts are strengthened, responsibilities are distributed, and the nation's support and strength are strengthened, This is not only because in Shura emanates the factors of strength, familiarity, immunity, affection, solidarity and love between the members of society and the nation, and cooperationThe fruitful serious and constructive advice with sincerity and care, hands are intertwined and efforts to solve problems and dilemmas are intertwined, and with consultation, the community reaches the aspirations of paper, pride, dignity, advancement and great great success in the affairs of the state, nation and society as a whole, in everything related to the affairs of this world and the hereafter. [6]

In Shura, high societies and strong virtuous nations are built, and in Shura victory is achieved and hearts embrace, and the people of Shura and people of truth meet to rise up to the homelands, to rebuild their countries and to please their Lord, the Blessed and Almighty. Shura is considered one of the most important characteristics of the Islamic regime. Shura is divine legislation, and it is one of the characteristics of believers who are committed to obeying God, the Almohads who struggled themselves before they struggled with their enemies, so there is no victory over an external enemy before arranging the inner row, and it is a divine Sunnah for those who wanted to build this land to achieve The disagreement that God Almighty wanted, and he does not adhere to the Shura except those who have responded to God, the Holy King, [7] Almighty said: (And those who answered to their Lord and set up prayer, and commanded them to be exalted . [8]

And of the great importance of the system and the principle of Shura in Islam, it was mentioned in the noble verse between both prayer and Zakat . God Almighty described His servants as believers that they responded to their Lord Almighty and established prayer and performed what was imposed on them from Zakat, and their method was based on Shura. And the context of the text in the noble verse in the Almighty saying: (And their command is a consultation between them) , [9] and the mediation of prayer and zakat came to indicate that it is necessary to maintain the Shura, just as the continuation of prayer and zakat is an obligation and a duty, so the maintenance is also a duty. [10]

It is also clear from this noble verse that Islam is not confined to kinetic acts of worship, such as prayer and zakat, with the great merit and importance of these acts of worship. In terms of meaning, and there is no compelling authority in Islam that limits and restricts freedoms or prevents people from their right to express their opinion regarding the affairs of their nation and their nation and to pursue its affairs, and to participate in everything that works to advance and advance it. [11]

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