Talk about alienation

Some of the words and phrases that were said in the dimension, alienation and separation:

Ahlam Mostaghanemi

From a fleeting novel of a bed
  • People always envy you for something that does not deserve envy, because their belongings are the fall of your belongings, even to the foreigners envy you, as if homelessness is a gain and you have to pay its tax in cash and hatred.
  • So, alienation, a tragic man, is realized in stages, and awareness of it is only completed by the closure of that sarcophagus on your questions that remained open for an entire lifetime, and you will not be here that day to know how strange you were before that? Nor how much will you be exiled anymore?
  • Does the companion know that after their separation?
Abit nurture the stars at night
I spend time and do not spend it in a phase
And I will endure longings and joys
Not soon if you are in sadness
The stranger is sad wherever they are

From the sayings of Abu Abdullah Al-Kalthoumi Al-Nahwi

  • Souad says what a bird tweets
Ali, except you are gloomy
Our renters are weird here
And every stranger of the stranger is a relative
Our rent is strange if it becomes
It is a strange good guy
Our hired expatriate is harmed
Puses save his eye ,ship
Nostalgic for his country and his loyalty to him
Between the ribs and pocket

Sayings of the coolant

  • My body is with me, but the spirit is with you
The body is in exile and the soul is in a homeland
Let people marvel at me that I have a body
There is no soul in it and there is no soul in the body.

  • Oh my heart, do not be sad nor drown in the dark .. the light is there ..
Coming .. Here he is .. his aura grows more resistant and be more honest ..
More confident..Nothing will save you .. except your dream and your honesty
Your loyalty to God, to yourself, to your soul and to yourself ...
  • The most difficult thing facing you in this life when you feel that you are strange ...
You are honest and truth is a defect ... that you are a dreamer and the dream is a shame ...
You are kind and naive ... you are loving
Love Drosha .. in the view of others ...
  • You are meditating ... sensitive ... and dedicated to love, and others find it valuable
They became extinct ... They disappeared long ago, and they look at you mockery looks ... and feel that you are coming
From another world, you are doomed to live here .. and start looking for a goal ... for a dream ..
It keeps you alive
  • The parting ... the melancholy of the sun fumes the memories from the heart to transcend them
To her ally, the eyes answer him by scattering her water .. to extinguish the flames of memories.
The separation ... a fire that has no limits ... is only felt by those who are stung by its fire ..
The parting ... his tongue tears .. and his speech silence .. and his eyes look at the sky ..
Parting .. is the silent killer .. The compelling dead..and the untreated wound .. The disease carrying his medicine ..
Parting ... like love, the letters are incapable of describing it, even if I show separation.
The separation .. is like the eye that runs after its green area is depleted ...
  • When parting .. Make your eyes speak so he will read whoever loved you blackness .. and make your farewell a painting of feelings that artists deserve to draw and cannot ...
This is the last time that will be recorded in your balance .. After separation .. Do not wait for the moon to dawn to complain to him the pain of distance .. Because he will be absent to throw what he carried,
And it returns to us a new moon .. Do not stand in front of the sea to irritate its waves, and add more than a hundred of your tears;
Because he will throw you in a bed with no decision, and return us to a calm sea again.
This is the year of the universe ... a day that bears you and a day you bear.

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