Strong poetry words


  • 1 hair
  • 2 strong poetry words
    • 2.1 May God reward those who are equal to you
    • 2.2 Why do you stab me
    • 2.3 O, you are upset
    • 2.4 Dude
    • 2.5 Hear his heart
    • 2.6 Pretend that you have betrayed loyalty
    • 2.7 Men's Pride


Poetry is a way of expressing feelings that ourselves contain, which may be feelings of pride, praise, defamation, or satire, and it may also be linked to love and strength of emotion.

Strong poetry words

From the poems that contained strong meanings, we have chosen for you the following:

May Allah reward you

Muhammad bin Ftis
May Allah reward you
And with sins, only you will be rewarded

I walked the trail of gravity and loved yourself
You don't know what the bad guys want you to do

Your beauty deceived you, your loss
You do not know that what changed your nature sweetens you

By saying Zaink intercedes for your seat
Alhassan, what is it about wafa love?

If humility and loyalty of your attributes
I sold love, they are all religion and partner

But I couldn't change you, your grunts

You will be saved without an excuse

My fault in clarifying and telling your yields
And your step in clarifying what makes you happy

Chlon recommend me and forget your vote
And repel the voice cut off calling you

You missed the defamation and the excuse you missed
And you want the opinion now, when your hands are back

It is true, I love you, but these are your rewards
Knowing you is a lesson that will benefit and revive you

You know what white of your belly yours
You don't know what made me look at you

I know surprisingly, be patient
A poem from the one who wanted you

You want symmetry, and you are living your death
Heal your loneliness and people sit around you

You want to see the bravest man in your life
Heal me while I'm leaving a lot

Why stab me

Hamed Zaid

Les Ttni Blja and I'm dead
Not enough for an hour ago

Be between my worries and you in a diet
You came one and gottoni group

You are from us and the misfortune of Haniya
All of you against me see what courage

The most horrific wounds of stabbing stab wounds
Change a knife that is ugly

Do not repent, melt or see
Her wound is a wound and its horror is terrible

She irrigates my blood and Latvia
And my heart became like her brother breastfed

And you are a night, if you make it clear
I got lost in it and I saw myself lost

Where did I see?
And dock and anchor sail

Who I knew and revived
And only my arms go in his arm

If I accept his floor and if I am aware of it
And if he asked me, I told him he heard and obeyed him

I fell in love with the stars except (Thuraya)
I did not have treasures, but contentment

And you and the armies of materials and Alevia
How do I stop against you as a group

If you bring courage and fever
Nevertheless, abundance prevails over courage

Oh me upset

Talal Al-Saeed

O me upset, I am angry, and I do not accept you
Drink more sea water if your lands

Do not count me after blocking your home
Being aware of you is aware

Four years, and I tolerate you
God is satisfied with your torture, for the sake of your heart's chains

And you made me alone, and today, may God protect you
I trample my soft heart, says Khalak

Before Tourini Al-Hasayr Borek
For Yemen, they said so and so Hank and Warak

As if you challenge me, I accept your challenge
I forget the love I went and challenge you

I do not think you will be happy
God forbid you everything that was there

Blindness, blind betrayal, may blind you
Above the vanity of your past years

You can not hear a relative calling you
Where you ignore the disadvantaged voice of Nadak

Perhaps paralysis hinders a man walking
Lynn regret why jealous your way

Perhaps your life, but joy for Shanik
Your enemy will give you the opportunity to thank you

Perhaps the nights that you reap your battery
She will be dying on her morning

Perhaps the dream and all the comfort will heal you
Amen, until you wish it dry

You may not rejoice and abound Blaoek
And your mother slits the sinus from the blawck bone

And did not make you hell in your prayers
Hell fire and fire world

God hates you even your self
Whoever cheats? So Danak people

This is the end, God reward you
Hold your day for tomorrow, reward you

Hey shouted

The stripper

Dude, I did not like admirably,
Except an illusion, for the heads of the people, admiration

I don't see the beloved king forbidding him,
To do good, impenetrable and veil?

The developing boy and his father may be born
Fassl, Fasl, and Fathers have children

So God is asking zero forbidden,
How long have you gone through zeros and suspicions?

And the soul suffers from denial and knowledge.
And every meaning has negative and positive

And death is a long sleep
Sleep is a short death, as it is reproductive

Hear his heart


Its hearts are warmer than the phimosis
And of my body and my soul has sagam

I have no secret of love, that my body has seen it
And you claim the love of the sword of the nation-states

If love unites us
Let us, as much as we love, divide

He has visited him and the swords of India are covered.
I looked at him and the swords were blood

It was the best of God's creation
And the best of the best was the shim

The enemy’s death is forgotten
Unfortunately, she is in the fold of blessings

You were so feared and made to fear
For you, fear is what does not make a beast

You have committed something that does not bind you
That no earth or knowledge hide them

Whenever you throw an army, you turn away
I have acted with you in its arousal effects

You have to defeat them in every battle.
Shame on them if they are defeated

As for you see, it is just a nail
The eggs of India and Lava shook hands

Oh, the fairest people except in my treatment
In you the dispute and you are the opponent and the judgment

I look honest from you
If fat is counted as a grease

And what is the use of my brother in this world in his view?
If he has equal lights and injustice

The assembly will know who joined our council
That I am the best to go forward

I am the one who saw the blind in my literature
And my words were heard by those who were deaf

I sleep filling my eyelids with their stools
Creation watches and sums it

Ignorance of his prolonged laughter in his ignorance
Until a hand and mouth came to him

If you see the liners of the latitude are prominent
Do not think that Laith is smiling

And my accusative tone is the owner's concern
I realized it with a horse whose back was forbidden

His feet are in a jogging man and hands are hands
And do what you want to desist and stop

And a slave was a pleasure among the two legions
Until I struck and the wave of death stuttering

the horses and the night and the desert know me
The sword, the spear, the stationery and the pen

I accompanied the monster in solutes
Even marvelous muzzles

O, who is proud of us, that we will separate them
Our passion is everything after you

We would not have created you with honor
If your matter is among our commanding nations

If your secret is what our envy said
There is no wound if it pleases you

And if we had cared for that,
Knowledge in the deaf people is a vilification

How much do you ask us for a defect, and it will miracle you
And God hates what you come and generosity

What further disadvantage and decreases of honor
I am the rich and the gray and the pyramid

I am not a nebula
He removes them to those who have blood

I see the nuclei every stage requires me
The fee is not independent of the pillow

While you have left a conscience from our own faith
Let them speak to those whom you have forgiven

If you depart from a people, they are appreciated
Not to be separated by them, the departed are them

The evil of the country is a place of no friend
Evil is what makes people deaf

Spell what my sniper snapped
The meteors of the liars, both in it and in marble

In what word does poetry say fin
It is permissible for you neither Arabs nor Ajam

This is your blame, but it is an abomination
Durr is guaranteed, but it is a word

Claim that you have betrayed loyalty

Abu Firas Al-Hamdani

Claim that you have betrayed loyalty
Soil has withheld from those withheld

If you believe what you say
I died before your death with the one you love

Otherwise, those who say are true:
Between living and dead lineage

My mind was taken away from my hand
When I send it, and when I donate

I used to protect you, until you threw you
The eternity hand where I was not counted

What I have done is good for you
Do not distract you from the drain of the Nub

Do not turn over an eyeball that is not clear
And there was not a long time that did not grow

They comfort you and where are the consolations ‍ !?
But it is mustahabb

And if there is no response, then you deserve it
When I had no Lord in my life

The pride of men

Antara bin Shaddad

Men's pride is chains and limitations
As well as women strangling and decades

And if the horses dust, extend their luster
No sugar drew the cluster

Oohhhhh do not keep me lost, DNA
I wasn't ordering before and wanting

Kill me after a rest
And living after her separation is depressed

O Abel! The semen has been condemned
If your eyelids with tears exist

Hey, games! If you cry over me, he will cry
Spend time on me and he is envious

Hey, games! If my blood is shed, then my family
Every day they mentioned them again

You will be offended if you remain captive
You call Antar and it is far away from you

I found the Persians, daughter of Malik
And its armies have lost their hands

The sea wave ripples but it
She met a black iron on top of them

Run, and the rules are governed by us
Witnesses and the ends of the Lancer were witnesses

Hey, games! How many legions dispersed him
The atmosphere is black and the mountains are freezing

Let me endure forever. Leave
And the eternity does not get used to it at all times

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