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  • 2 You lost everything I knew, and yet you lost me
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Poetry about reproach

Whose house did you cover with fudge?
And bargaining, like prohibition, woven by boyhood
White ceased her favor by Muhannad
And if you block it, loophole
Referred to as his side sick
Afraid of his family, you are tired of it
Strong, not a thousand, not bad
To him, in al-Zahhabin, I am honest
And all had a calculated arum
If your people were in their causes perished
Oh hot, I will not throw you out of breath
He was not met by a market, before me, nor a king
Repeat left and do not violate it
Enjoy your offer, the treacherous are with you

And don't be, like people taught them
They twist what they have, even if they are tired
Good souls for their opponent's right
Fear of evil, and they turned back, when they were left
You learn it - for the life of God - with a vow
Go ahead with your arm and see where you are born
While you were analyzed by an atmosphere in Bani Asad
In Amr Umar's religion, we turned your hand
A logic of thee comes to you

You lost everything I knew, and yet you lost me

I don’t love you nor myself for the second one
Age once, and I never hurt you as long as I hurt the wound
I hurt you, you are the cause of my death 
Do not think that on your day, I bring you good tidings, but take your place
Do not humiliate your soul and ask that my heart be allowed to leave 
The Spirit of God forgives you for the rest of the time
You are betraying your sense and I am my big good heart
Do not come back when that dear father is really getting back to love you, but I have "dignity"
Because I am your parent and I am in charge of this life and you are free in your life
I am relieved after you, "Thank you" on the two days 
So, God, O daughter of people, and I think you know the path
Love meant me, you don't see me anymore
What is my fault, poor, and good financial capital ?? !! 
She thinks that I am very passionate about her love and that my eyes will see nothing else
I wanted to love others and loved and played after her
Whoever sells us licenses, we allow them to take their place. I myself dear
Do not like an intimate partner every day to change his character 
Please keep quiet and do not speak nor the letter of your money excuse your money words you say
O Sheikh, sorry, where did you spend it, as long as your heart exposed me? 

Let them benefit you

Let them benefit you, as long as they benefit you, they like you
Today your lips laugh hate your eyes cry
I became of them and in them I sold your heart on them to be accused
They buy you, I was very keen on me, all my thoughts and my heart
I used to take my life before they take you for what is good for you
Other than your love, what is important to you is my heart, and people do not understand you
I will tell them that my wound will come near my wounds, and he will have mercy

Sawaf without buckets

Would prefer it, if you worked hard on it,
Full of age and intelligence
It was as though it was all dawn
As if he was a man, he was born
Ali Alia has no robe
As if his luster Burqan Sahel
Evacuated from the board, pitted and water
It is not inattentive, about it, a waste
I nurtured him if shepherds neglected
And I have become dear
Starch, find what we like
They have rest, grace, and musk
It is not for him to hide behind him
Walk among the dead were injured
Their souls, and blood was not dripping
They run frigid, and have walked
Protect the cup, among them, and sing
I do not know, and I will introduce Adri,
Do I fortress or women ?
If women are hidden
Everyone has a right to be guided
As for the sons of Masad say:
To you, we are a people, innocent
Either they say: We have shown
Evil citizens according to the parents
Either they say: We have fulfilled
We sacrificed us and fulfilled us
For the truth is cut into three:
Oath, embellishment, or evacuation
These are clips of all truth
All three of you have a cure
Do not be dissatisfied, when you prevented
Do not give unless you want
Neighborhood witness you justice,
The terms of guaranty, and repetition
With which one did you run,
It did not work for you, except performance
A neighbor, he walked, counting on us
Fear him, please
Venerable generosity, even if
We guaranteed his money, so it became healthy
We have a shortage of it, and it has growth
And if not for Abu Tarif
She visited the houses of Bani Alim
Of words, sorrow, convenience
Ayman gathered from us and from you
By the division of blood dates
Every fortress will come, where they are,
Examples of praise remain
I did not see a bed, they took a gift
I did not see the neighbor of Beit Hiba
The neighbor of the house, and the caller
The neighborhood in front of them both

I'm upset with you

I am upset of you tricks and shayl you with my heart reproach
And I hope you bear with me as I bear your blame
You see some candor wound, it hurts, and nerves
Dad, you hear my words Zain and hold Zain your nerves 
You and I pledged that we would be loved
And your loved ones are my loved ones, and my loved ones are your loved ones 
What to others suddenly speak and mention the reasons
I hear your words Zain and hear Zain your reasons 
Despite all the mistakes you made, your face never closed the door
And the day I sinned against you, I closed my doors 
Licensed the dear to your eyes, bent with dangers
I accepted bending my neck and your neck not bending 
Enough to test them and vinegar from vilification and salivation
You see who is blasphemy in someone else, even if long is your fault 
Do not think about the day I forget you, or I am distracted from you
I breathe, I love you, I die, and I live in you 
I wouldn't show anyone else beautiful with his attractive charm
I like you blindly, I like you better 
Whatever I harden my heart with a word of you I feel melted
I was the one who provided my love for you. I loved the fragrance in your clothes 
I would love you, I love you
A young man, I feel part of my soul and cannot stand your absence 
Neither has your wound recovered from me, even if I hurt you
Good, I am unable to see the tears, but the ends of your cilia 
But everything but the rewards of repel welcome
If you respond, you are welcome 
And because I am content with my humiliation, even if the air is foul
If you don't like me, I can't be satisfied with you 
Neither can I bear to implant fangs
I am all injured from your implants 
You scare me, do not worry, and do not count for me
I protect you and protect your account 
Oh, the cruelty of trauma, you will be right
And I was telling the wound if my boyfriend struck me 
Honestly, what was left for the strangers and strangers
If this is with me, your nature is yes, and if your strangers are 
Rebellion used to be a shame for you, my fault, and a blasphemy
But you see more than I am on the day of your assault 
In fact, I discovered that you are silly with your liar nature
I used to have a ridiculous game similar to yours 
I am a good-natured stupid and lost me in you and God is disappointed
Neither would I have expected to conceal the day of your friends 
I came to you with goodness, and in you goodness never forever
Dad, I could be cruel to me because the goodness did not get you 

Thoughts on reproach

How difficult are those nights that I try to reach you, I reach your arteries, your heart, how hard are those nights, how difficult are those moments when I search for your chest to include my head, engraved between my eyelids and it is the light of my eyes, your eyes call out to my eyes, your hands Embrace my hands, your whispering my ears.

At the time of blame, you will not come back to blame me. Wafa died and the rest remained in the head of my conscience. Mani is like what you told me and counted me, so the first became one second. breeze today Rtbna people Veni forget me became the Haddana, the iPod in the breeze who Mahbbna and then until the iPod grow up on my eyelids, Ajik Amahana ZEBRA and Aketbna Maver Tara beams passing Majani, and go back and I say: u wound Jeebena know Bjrg I do not know Weech and Danny !!, sincerity Dreams came true and lied to me, and for the joy of the days, your love came and cried, .. bored At Achille hope and tears Agbanna say hate Legge of longing Aleghana, and go hate and lage time Qabanna attributed to two and grief, sorrow cried over a whole lifetime , O Mazbna and Hvik Matbeka night on Shany, I wrote what Ashan says Aajpna Milliyet of Dzlh saheeh God , my tongue, I homeland hairIf my hair was alienated, I wrote my most beautiful wounds, for my sake is my blessedness.

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