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Losing healthy weight in a week

When wanting to lose weight quickly, it must be taken into account that this is done in a healthy way, as nutritionists agreed that the amount of healthy weight loss during one week ranges between 0.5-1 kg, which equals reducing calories by 500-1000 calories Every day to reach this goal, and despite the presence of many dieting programs that promise to achieve greater weight loss in the same time period, they are considered merely ineffective marketing methods, and may involve health damages sometimes. [1]

Fast diet in a week

It is possible to follow a quick diet consisting of seven basic steps to lose approximately 4.5 kg per week, although it may be considered unhealthy, and this can be done by getting rid of fats and the mass of excess water in the body by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates that bind water to the body. , And locking it, which leads to lower levels of insulin in the blood, and thus freeing sodium from the kidneys, and preventing water retention in the body in another way, and the accursed steps are summarized as follows: [2]
  • Reducing the intake of carbohydrates as much as possible, and replacing them with low-carb vegetables and fruits, in addition to increasing the consumption of proteins such as eggs, lean meats and fish.
  • Avoid eating processed foods, and replacing them with eating whole foods that feel full without gaining a lot of calories.
  • Follow methods that contribute to reducing the number of calories consumed, such as recording the foods consumed to calculate the number of calories consumed, refrain from fast food, reduce the use of spices and sauces, and adhere to eating lean meat, in addition to stay away from calorie drinks High calorie .
  • Lift heavy weights and organize training sessions in a highly intense manner.
  • Increase daily activities to burn more calories and accelerate the process of losing weight.
  • The application of fasting so that the day is divided into periods of fasting, periods of eating, and this can be applied in addition to exercising.
  • Follow methods that prevent water retention in the body, such as drinking coffee or dandelion extract, as well as refraining from foods and drinks that may cause fluid retention in the body.

Helpful tips for losing weight

It is possible to follow some daily habits that contribute to speeding up the weight loss process , including the following: [3]
  • Notice the underlying reason for wanting to eat, such as feeling angry or stressed, and trying to make an alternative to eating, such as walking or talking to a friend.
  • Not adopting a specific diet, free of some nutrients, while trying to get rid of consuming calories without energy beneficial to the body.
  • Reducing the intake of added sugars, which are found in sweetened juices, cakes and the like, and preference for natural sugars in fruits.

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