Project definition


  • 1 Project definition
  • 2 stages of the project
    • 2.1 Project identification phase
    • 2.2 Project preparation phase
    • 2.3 Project implementation phase
    • 2.4 Project evaluation stage
  • 3 video How to do a feasibility study for a project

Project definition

A project is defined as a work that an individual does to implement a specific idea, whether it is a product or service, and the project uses some key resources, such as financial, knowledge, and staff, to implement this idea. The project also provides a service, that is, it solves a societal problem, and this is in exchange for something material. Examples of service projects include providing a means of transportation in the areas whose residents need this service, and there are many examples of productive projects, including the bakery which offers bread products to a beneficial category, and there are many ideas and projects that benefit the individual and society with benefits, whether they are valued or needed Service, or to be of economic benefit to the individual and society.

There are other concepts that are given to the project, including:
  • A project is an activity in which specific resources are used, and money is spent to obtain benefits during an agreed period.
  • The project is a continuation of an activity that begins with a question that arouses curiosity.
  • The micro-enterprise has legal status, which is the tax card, and it has a commercial registry and a license.
  • The project is an automatic activity for achieving a purpose, and it takes place in a normal social environment.
  • The project is an intentional work related to life.
  • A project is a time-bound activity, which is done to provide a product or service to achieve intended change.

Project stages

Project identification phase

At this stage the idea of ​​the project is created and developed. The idea of ​​the project is often driven by a need in general, and it is natural to reach a number of ideas that are screened to reach the good from them, which is easy to implement on the ground.

Project preparation phase

At this stage the general framework of the project is established, and we come here to the so-called feasibility study, which in turn is divided into:
  • Market and marketing study .
  • The technical study.
  • Study the administrative and organizational structure .
  • Profit or financial study.

Project implementation phase

At this stage, the project is implemented and supervised, and the implementation of the project recorded.

Project evaluation stage

The evaluation of the project during implementation will be to compare the current situation with the project path, and evaluation will also take place after implementation to compare between the final results and the extent to which the project reaches these results.

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