Poetry about the world


  • 1 The floor
  • 2 poems about this world
    • 2.1 The soul cries on the floor
    • 2.2 Morals
    • 2.3 Leave the days
    • 2.4 What do you want from this world?
    • 2.5 Your Goddess is the world than the Hereafter
    • 2.6 Provides piety
  • 3 short hairs for this world
    • 3.1 Abu Al-Atahia's Poetry
    • 3.2 Al-Mutanabbi's poetry
    • 3.3 Ibrahim bin Mahdi's poetry
  • 4 verses on this world

The world

The Almighty said (And what is the life of this world except the pleasure of vanity) Surah Al-Imran, 185 , the world is days and nights that we live and have a long life, but the life, however long it takes, will not continue, and whatever we enjoy and our happiness with it or our hardship, this world does not last. Travelers, so we must understand the purpose of our existence in this world in order to live happily and enjoy contentment.

God has created this worldly life and put people in it to worship it and reconstruct the earth, and people preferred each other to some degrees of piety. If we succumb to this matter and know that it will not cause us from the world of good or evil except for what God has written for us, we will feel comfortable and not regret what we have missed from the provision or It is better for it, and the worldly life as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is a house of misery, not a place of survival, but this does not mean that we do not live it, and it does not mean that we deal negatively, but rather that we do not make the pursuit of its pleasures the most important goal.

Poems about this world

Here are some beautiful poems about the world and its condition.

The soul is crying on the world

Ali bin Abi Talib

The soul is crying on the world and I have known
There is safety left in it

There is no abode for one after death inhabits it
Except that he was before death, its builder

For he built it with good deeds
And if it was built by men, its builder was disappointed

Where are the kings that were conquered
Even her cup of death gave her legs

We collect our money for people with inheritance
Our turn for the ruins of the age we build it

How many cities in the horizons have been built
She was ruined and death condemned Danny

For every soul, albeit evidently
Hopes that strengthen it from the Minnah

A person simplifies it forever
The soul spreads it, and death folds it

High morals

Ali bin Abi Talib

Makarem is a purified ethics
Religion is the first and mind the second

And science is the third, and dream is the fourth
Quality is fifth, and credit is due

And the seventh righteousness and the eighth patience
Thanks ninth to it, and the rest

And the soul knows that I do not believe her
I only guide when I disobey her

Leave the days


let the days do what they want
Treat yourself if the court decides

Do not be alarmed by the night's accident
As for the accidents of this world, there is no survival

Be a man on the horrors of skin
The grace and grace of honor

And if your faults abound in the praises
And your secret is to have a covering

Hide with generosity every blemish
It covers it as it was said generosity

And never see the usual humiliated
The gloat of enemies is a scourge

And do not shake His grace from stingy
What is in the fire for injustice is water

Your livelihood is not short of time.
And there is no more trouble in sustenance

No sorrow lasts, no pleasure
You do not misery and prosperity

If you have a heart, you will be satisfied
You and the king of this world are alike

And whoever hath revealed the Menaya
There is no earth that protects it or heaven

The land of God is wide, but
When Judges descends, space is narrow

Let the days go by every time
What does the drug save for death?

What do you want from this world?

Abu Muslim Omani

What do you want from this world?
Do you not see how her fans ruined her?

Treachery has not fulfilled an era, even if promised
She betrayed, and if she was safe, then the war would see her

What I saved you, even if you touch it
I do not rest assured of the sincerity of its refineries

Magic, cunning, and sorrows of freshness
Beware if you become deceitful and camouflaged

And redeem your ransom for it is mesmerization
And if she called you, even if she committed her actions

A liar in her hypocritical claims
And testimonies say what they mean

Show you good and bad, under good
Oh love her pant either equal

We seek it aware of her biography
We settle down and make bad endeavors

The mother of disobedience and the misery of the mother embraces us
Toxic food from its snakes

The best of decision, and we are indifferent to it
What impressed the soul, those who are hostile to it

People compete in her witch
They have an illusion that they perish in it

They are crazy about their cravings
What makes Genoa weak is its free

Who did not take care of her Touareg
And any breath from the scourge to avoid

All wilderness motor is deadly
No vengeance is taken, no supporters will suffice it

O God, this world from the end of the world

Mahmoud Sami Al-Baroudi

O God, this world from the end of the world
It is a mockery of ignorance of you

He deceived you from them, and you were you
Starvation to her destiny

The boy walks a long time, and in his robe
From his soul, he is a dead end

As if he was very old
A ship on the other board

How many souls comforted her authority
Immediately, she went inside

A gang was for her money
The idea of ​​poverty is its reserve

She became merciful to her who sees
She sang in grace and pride

No horse is ashamed of their strength
One day, and no fear of his snoring

Rather, their uncle is a money, for her
From the wards, there are wadis

O people, fear your Lord
They feared the punishment of God and the other

You are sitting, the raging is up
Water the cup and the rock

Be aware of the passions of fancy
And consider the greatest grunt

Provide piety


Provide piety, you do not know
If you go to night, do you live until dawn?

How many bride have they married to her husband
Their souls were captured by Laylat al-Qadr

And how many youngsters are expected to age
Their souls have entered the darkness of the grave

And how many of the Sahih died without a bug
And how many sick people lived forever

How many boys did he laugh at?
His shrouds were woven and he did not know

How long I live in the morning in his palace
And in the evening he was one of the graves

Always fear God, it is
Safety from the horrors in the situation of confinement

You provide piety, you do not know
If night falls, do you live until dawn

Short hair about the world

The poets of the world said in short verses:

Abu Al Ataiah's hair

  • By God, I became in a strait
Is there any sign of the way?

Pray my world manipulated me
The wave manipulated the drowned

I hit dirhams in it
I hated the friend

  • And he said elsewhere:
I looked at the world with a sick eye
A conceited idea and an ignorant measure

So I said it is the world that is not the same
And I competed with her in vanity vanity

And I have long front ends
The pleasures of a few short days

  • And he said elsewhere:
Live what seemed safe to you
Under high-rise palaces

He seeks you what you desire
Among the souls and the firstborn

So souls fall
In tight rattle

There is our learning
I was only in the ego

The poet of the predictor

  • We cry about the world and no masher
The world gathered them, and they did not separate

Where are the powerful titans?
They treasured the treasures, and they did not remain

From everyone who is narrow in space with his army
Even the strength of the mouth of a narrow limit

Ibrahim bin Mahdi poetry

  • I was amazed at the ignorance of man
Cut out the suit and humiliation

I thought about the world and it was a house
I have some passenger homes

The course of all creation is one
Many and few are the same

I want a lot to multiply a lot
And if I confine myself to a little, I will be satisfied

God turn the inheritors as if I were
In particular, I love my place

It worries me to Dar Al Bala
Motivated by my honor, Bahwan

Disavowal even if the rich are published
Then he rolled a scarf to desert me

Verses from the world

  • You are given from the world, you do not stay
Take it when you cleared and bid farewell to the slippery one

And no eternity believes that I am safe
There was nothing left for me and he did not really care for me

The bins of kings killed me and did not pray
An enemy and I did not neglect his creation

And the king's house was evacuated from all the masterful
She displaced them in the west and tore them east

When I reached the superstar and honor
And the necks of creation became a slave to me

Throwing me threw me away and put down my redness
Here I am in my hole alone lying

Corrupted my world and my religion ignorant
What is the most miserable of me?

  • It is the world it says to those on it
Beware, beware of bitch and deadly

Good smile does not entice you
Say funny and act crying

  • O University, Lahia, and the eternity forever
Thinking which door would close it

You collected money, so tell me, did you collect it?
Hey mindless days separated

  • Dunya, I asked you, so I apologized for the request
And it only gained anxiety, grief and fraud

I hurried my guilt and did not spend my sorrow
I escaped with my sin from you if the benefit of escaping

And I did not see the same fortune for the people
If a person carries what he lived in the application

  • If the worldly examined Labib revealed
For him about an enemy in a friend's clothes

  • Look at the chess player collects them
After throwing, he throws it away

As one slows down the world and collects it
Even if her dead and everything in it died

  • If the worldly meditation meditation wise
It turned out to mean crossing

Show us you in the shadow of aspirations
As happily as you are Bohr

  • Be how you want, so the world is immortal
And do not stay on the content of content

  • A person's life is only in this world
A dream that brings dreams behind it

Living in this world is a constant struggle
An antelope is wrestling with prostitution

  • What is the wishful claim
But the world is taken away by default

What is beyond the reach of a people
If the feet had passengers

  • Take what you can from the world and her family
But learn a little how to give it

How many flowers are good for her thief
No damn slag even to her legs

  • I wish I could live this world
Happy with my unit and alone

I spend the age in the mountains
And in the woods among the standing pine

I have no concerns about living
It distracts myself from my heart’s listening

I watch death, and life
And listen to the hadiths and the eternity

I sing with the bulbul in the jungle
And listen to the valley of the valley

And save the stars and the dawn, and
The birds and the river, and the bright light

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