Poetry about patience

Patience is an avenue for success and success, as patience is said to be the key to relief, and there are many Quranic verses that talked about patience and the reward of those who are patient, so God Almighty said in his dear book, “O you who believe, be patient, be patient, and be patient.” The Almighty said: “And the good news of the patient * who, when they were afflicted by a calamity, said: We belong to God, and to Him we shall return. * Those of you have prayers from their Lord and your mercy.”
Many poets and wise men wrote about patience, and we will include in this article some of these poems and rulings that have been said on this topic.


  • 1 Manea Saeed Al-Otaiba
  • 2 Abu Ali Al-Anbari
  • 3 Ali bin Abi Talib
  • 4 Muhammad bin Bishr
  • 5 Abdullah Al-Harthi
  • 6 Imam Al-Shafi’i
  • 7 Zuhair bin Abi Salma
  • 8 Ahmed bin Asim Al-Antaki
  • Mahir Al-Shaibani 9

Manea Saeed Al-Otaiba

Because tolerance is my weakness
You are still friendly and kind
And you still stab me every day
Do not address my sword stab
I heal my surgery with my beautiful patience
Neither heart equals nor patience heals
And I ask what is the secret of this stability
During my love, he explains my hemorrhage
If I were, my guest brother
Merciful, forgiving, violent, my brothers
Do not imagine that you are stronger
I am patient despite my nose
I understand the storms
Why would I protect you from my passion?
Because you can not withstand
If you missed my tenderness and affection
I love you still sins
And witness the love of craftsman tear
I cried for a long time silently waiting for me
You are my last victory and celebrate
Love you and desperate endless
In front of my footsteps and look at both ends
And my heart to thirsty thirsty
You are only a summer cloud
Miser Ali Kareem Ali who
I tell you what is false and false
Sweetheart stays in spite of my blood
Color your palms, wound my palm
Whatever it is, I will not cry out
Nor will I say to your sword: It is enough

Abu Ali Al-Anbari

If it becomes more difficult, then it is easier
God decided that hardship followed him pleased
If you are in distress, be patient
The best weapon in one’s intensity is patience
I am ashamed to see God
To others I complain if the harm touches me
Perhaps a relief that God will bring
Him every day in His creation is an order
Be when the eternity brings him firm
Patient, the good is the key to patience
How many worries after long unfolded
The last thing is easy for him

Ali bin Abi Talib

Reluctantly be patient in magic
And in the spirit to the obedience in the firstborn
In the days I saw an experiment
Patience has a commendable consequence
And say who is serious about something that hurts
And it is impatient to only win the nail

Muhammad bin Bishr

Things are going to work out
Patience opens from it all shaking
Do not be alarmed if a claim arises
If you use patience, you can see a relief

Abdullah Al Harthy

Be patient forever if you become immersed
Upset in Ljjj, she went to Ljjj
Do not despair if you are fed up
God brings him in the scents and dulles
What is the dose of patience cup Motassem
By God, God gave him relief

al-Emam Al Shafi

Let the days do whatever you want
And he breathed if the court decided
Do not be alarmed by the nights accident
As for the accidents of this world, it remains
And be a man "on the horrors of flogging
Your honor and loyalty
And if your flaws increase in the mirrors
It is a pleasure to have a cover
Cover it with generosity, eat
A defect that covers it, as generosity has said
Never see the average
The gloat of enemies is scandalous
And do not shake His eminence from stingy
What is in the fire for thirst water
Your livelihood is not lacking
And does not increase the provision of trouble
No sorrow lasts nor pleasure
There is no misery for you, no prosperity
If you have a heart
You and the worldly owner are both
And whoever came down his yard
There is no pious earth or sky
And the land of God is wide, but so
The judiciary descended into space

Zuhair bin Abi Salma

Three cherish patience when it comes
And the mind of every heart
Forced exit from a country he loves
And the Muslim Brotherhood and lost Habib

Ahmed bin Asim Al-Antaki

He insulted you, so everything is cut off
And let the fog of worry drive you away
All concern for him after him Faraj
Every distress, if narrowed, widens
The affliction is long overdue
Death cuts it or will be cut off

Realizing Shaibani

Patience is used by the vulva
Poor and patient, and the doors shake
Even if it reaches its goal
Bring its darkness into the saddle
Be patient and Adam and knock on the door that came up
From him, who is seduced, enters him
With the power of God, then God is pleased with him
From his will of blindfolds

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