Poetry about the brother

Brother, what is the most beautiful of this word, and what are the most meanings that carry it; they are many, countless and priceless, several meanings contained in this word; it carries in its folds love, altruism, kindness and affection. True brotherhood is linked by the blood link, and the feeling that the two brothers are one person, and that they derive this love from the loving mother and the merciful father.

The word "brother" means that my pain is your pain, and my joy is your joy, and that I offer your best interest for me, and that it be the shelter that I take refuge when needed, that I save you for the treachery of time, the difficulty of life, and that I find you when I need you, that it is the most precious of what I have, and that I am the most precious What you have, that our childhood memories dominate my mind and your mind, and that nostalgia accompanies us with all the little details that have passed through us during our lives.

The brother is the bond, and he is the one who rejoices with real joy for your joy, and sad for your sadness; therefore I wanted to express to my brother my great love for him, in remembrance of some of the beautiful verses that speak of the brother, including :

A poem in brotherhood

My friend, do not complain about time and situation
Vinegar that is in your heart today is hidden

Whatever is telling, white-hearted is conveyed
And not every age of hardship is enough

Go and complain to me, everyone is traveling
And raise your paws to him, you see God is sufficient

And I know you see all of her worries shawl
And no longer did I see the worry of Safi

You are not the only one who complained about the time and situation
And you are not the only one who has time

I lie to you if I tell you uncle
Yama I walked the path and the light floated

I care in my heart, my brother, get tired of it
My tears with my eyes, dance today rhyme

You are the companion of this universe
Dont get my chest of them, I will meet you for Avi

You see the hardness of today, still and still
And my father did not return a quarter of hearts

Take me right and preach the multiplication of verbs
I would walk with you if it was drifting

I swear to the oath that you are on the head
Take from my poem and look at my confession

Another poem talks about the feelings of brotherhood:

Your life is nothing of living all
I pass my eyes to an approved friend

Every friend is not in God his friend
I believe in him that he is not confident

My class from the Muslim Brotherhood all agree
Patient for what was ravished by the facts

Your sincere brother is the one seeking you
And whoever harms himself to benefit you

And if the time is decided, it will break you
And scatter it in you to collect you

My brother does not support me with his tongue
But my brother, who loves me, is absent

And from his money my money if you are destitute
And my money is for him if he lacks the vice  

Brother, if a house is distant or is displaced
 What is the affection and brotherhood of the displaced?

Bless you to testify and take care of you if absent
And secrets of the delinquent

Brother Lee has literature
 Affection as similar proportions

Nurture me above what he looks after
I am obligated to do what is necessary
Those are my brothers who loved them
And affection favored them among my brothers

And none of them except polite cream
A lover to his brothers other than Khawan

And brother of time, if you triumphantly
Emphasize it hand and do not hesitate

Times are not like brothers
God is purging without any intent

The concerns of men in many matters
And here I am an auxiliary friend

We are like a spirit divided between two bodies
Their bodies are two bodies and the soul is one

And do not like residence among the people
 Cruel in their graces Shaddad 

If I tighten their edifice bud
That altered edifice deteriorated 

And if you hide anything from them
 Defied in the enmity what they wanted

There is no literature that likes or meets

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